What are the different types of moving estimates

There are three different types of moving estimates you need to think about when relocation is concerned. In our guide, we will briefly explain how all three of them work. So, if you are moving from Philadelphia to New York, you will have a much easier time. In any case, we have so much to teach you about and it would be for the best if we started. So, here is the guide!

Different types of moving estimates – all three of them

There are three different moving estimate types and you will need to think about all of them, especially if you are moving on a tight budget. Here are all of them:

  • Non-binding moving estimate. A non-binding moving estimate does not bind the client to pay the movers a set sum of money after the relocation. Of course, your moving company will come, measure your items, and let you know the approximate price for your relocation. However, the price is not fixed and you might pay either more or less than the amount. Contact some of the best Philadelphia movers to learn more about this one.
  • Binding moving estimate. As the name suggests, a binding moving estimate binds the client to pay a set sum of money after the relocation. Once again, your moving company will come and set the price for the move. However, you will have to pay exactly what they tell you after your move. Of course, this means that they cannot charge you a single dollar extra. This might be a good idea, so think about what to wear on your moving day and prepare well for it!
  • Binding not-to-exceed estimate. This is the most popular moving estimate. You cannot pay more than the set amount, BUT you can pay less than the set amount if your relocation turns out to be easier. For this reason, many people go for this option.
A person signing a document
Make sure to know exactly what you are signing

Some things to consider

There are some things to consider when this is concerned. For example, the choice of your moving company will depend on the overall cost of the relocation. There are some really affordable moving companies out there, but there are more expensive ones as well. For this reason, the best idea would be to find the middle ground. Do some research while you are preparing your packing supplies and materials and make the best choice.

A man counting money
Prepare your buget for your relocation well

The number of services you require of your moving company will also dictate the price. For example, if you opt for packing services, along with your moving services, you should expect to pay a bit more for your move. Also, if you only require packing services, you will pay significantly less. In other words, the more your moving company helps out, the more expensive it gets.


When different types of moving estimates are concerned, most people go for the binding not-to-exceed estimate. This is because they can actually pay less for their move, but never above the fixed amount. It is the most user-friendly estimate out there. We hope you have learned something new today – for anything else, feel free to read our guide again!

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