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Moving is complicated, to put it mildly. However, preparing for relocation in very short notice is exponentially more difficult. To accomplish that feat well, you need sets of skillful hands to help you. And we at Superior Moving & Storage offer precisely that, and much more. We employ some of the most seasoned last-minute movers in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware. Our experts know exactly how to conduct your hurried relocation properly. After all, 40 years of experience in the industry has made us very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of moving. Get in touch with us today and relocate in the blink of an eye.

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Time is a precious resource in last-minute moves and costly mistakes behind every corner

Entrust your last-minute move to our capable staff

A move as delicate as a last-minute one calls for handling by the most skilled of movers. The danger of losing or breaking something valuable is one you likely aren’t prepared to risk. Moreover, the logistics of this kind of relocation must be streamlined to save the precious little time you have.

This is precisely what makes our movers the perfect fit for your needs. We have been conducting various Philadelphia moving services for a very long time. As such, we know exactly what your relocation needs – and we are no strangers to quick moves.

Our department of last minute movers Philadelphia calls its own can assume control of your relocation, taking the immense burden of it off your shoulders. We can quickly devise an effective strategy that sees your belongings out of your current living space and into our trucks in the shortest stretch of time possible. Of course, the integrity of your things is of the greatest priority. Our skills as a highly-organized team allow us to safely maneuver with your belongings without sacrificing speed.

On your end, the solution is easy. Simply contact us and describe your situation. We can consult you on the particulars of your move and suggest the optimal solution. Once we have agreed on the best course of action, we will arrive momentarily to take over the legwork. You, meanwhile, are free to tend to other aspects of your move, assured that your belongings are in the right hands.

What our last-minute movers from Philadelphia can offer you

Having so much experience in the industry, we realize that any given relocation demands several kinds of services. We always strive to offer you whatever means you require to move effectively and efficiently. That is why you can choose from a great variety of services that we provide. Be it local or over vast distances, our business and residential movers in Philadelphia will always deliver. When time is of the essence, you need to have someone knowledgeable about packing at your side,

Chances are that your relocation will need something from below to complement the work of our last minute movers Philadelphia customers rely on. We do render more than what is listed here, but we believe these are more pertinent to your last-minute move.

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You can save time and even money with our many different services

Philadelphia last-minute movers can assist you in diverse ways

  • Storage spaces to house your belongings: last-minute relocations often come with a dash of the unexpected. Finding that your destination lacks the space for all of your things is a fairly common one. We will be more than happy to lend you our Philadelphia storage units for extra room.We even offer portable storage should you need a warehouse on the go. That way, you will always have quick access to your belongings. In a fast move, this is a much-desired perk.
  • Specialty services without equal: in case you own items that are particularly difficult to transport for one reason or another, our movers will be at your disposal. Be they heavy, unwieldy, or fragile, your belongings will be handled with skill and caution. We render the most diligent specialty services Philadelphia movers can provide.
  •  Fast and easy commercial relocations: few events can sap as much productivity out of a business as a move. However, the downtime inherent to carrying out the relocation needn’t be nearly as large as many companies make it. With the help of our Philadelphia commercial movers, you can have your business up and running again in no time.
  • Deftly executed packing: in most scenarios, the packing takes up more time than any other facet of a relocation. Not only that, but it is rife with organizational difficulties. Every mistake leads to more problems at the unpacking stage. When time is of the essence, you need to have someone knowledgeable about packing at your side. Luckily, we can offer you the most organized packing services Philadelphia movers can deliver.

Advice on last-minute moving

Our goal is to help you make the best of your emergency moving situation. To that end, we would like to present you with a few useful pieces of advice about last-minute relocations. You can follow these tips in order to make the move easier for both you and us when we arrive to help you.

Declutter before the packing portion of your Philadelphia move

Decluttering is a pivotal part of packing. By reducing your overall cargo, you will lower your packing time, as well as your moving costs. You can conduct your decluttering by classifying all of your items into three categories. One is for recycling, the second for giving away, and the third for discarding.

Given the immediacy of a last-minute move, you will want to be particularly expedient when decluttering. Rid yourself of as many items as possible and refrain from emotional attachment for things you’ve not used in ages.

Have a bag of essentials at the ready at all times

Your move can become very complicated very quickly. Losing track of essential items – important documents, medications, day-to-day toiletries, chargers, changes of clothes, and the like – becomes quite easy. To avoid that, fill a bag with these as soon as you can and keep it somewhere safe.

A brown bag
A bag of essentials is a life-saver in moving situations

Write down important information about your last-minute move

A regular move is hectic enough on its own, but a last-minute one is doubly so. The importance of writing everything down, therefore, becomes much greater. From vital tasks to moving quotes, every piece of information committed to paper is a load off of your mind.

Get in touch with our Last-minute movers in Philadelphia

For the safest, most efficient move, you can rely on us. Your otherwise challenging move will become little more than a formality in our skilled hands. Contact us today and have our last-minute movers in Philadelphia relocate you in a flash.


I am very happy with the services provided by Steve Davalos, Lou Gonzalez, Ty Woods, and Don Dogma! The prices were very reasonable and calculated based on the hour. I highly recommend these guys!

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