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If you own antique, expensive, or otherwise rare items, you want them to be handled with an appropriate level of care. A relocation, then, is one of the most dangerous times for these objects. They require the most skilled hands to transport them, along with due diligence. Superior Moving & Storage provides you with the expertise you need to effectively relocate your precious belongings, from pianos to hot tubs and everything in between. Give us a call for the most dedicated white glove movers in Philadelphia.

White glove movers Philadelphia: a luxurious room
The valuable items you own are likely very rare, if not one of a kind

What to expect from our white glove movers in Philadelphia

Given the gravity of the task that is moving such valuable items, you expect nothing short of complete professionalism from the movers that handle them. As well you should – repairing or replacing something like fine art or a luxury television set is extremely expensive (if not outright impossible).

These high standards of service are precisely what we strive to meet and exceed every day. Hiring the services of a standard moving company, while beneficial for the average relocation, puts your valuable items at risk. Our white glove movers Philadelphia is home to make sure that your belongings receive the treatment in line with their great value. Here is what those who call on our aid can expect.

Seasoned Philadelphia white glove movers at your service

We employ only the most trained staff to take care of your white glove move. They boast extensive experience as Philadelphia apartment movers and business relocation experts. Therefore, they understand very well what it takes to dispense with the kind of priceless object you want to be relocated.

Whether it be a priceless sculpture or an antique piano that you possess, you can rest assured that the personnel we send to you will know exactly how to transport it from one place to another. We make sure to always have a team comprised of the most experienced specialty movers Philadelphia relocation companies can supply to you. That way, you can be completely at ease that your move is in safe hands.

The optimal equipment to safeguard your belongings

As useful as it is, skill alone does not guarantee that your belongings complete their transit in an impeccable condition. Any white glove moving company worth your time has the equipment to realize your things’ journey without a fault. And we indeed have the technology needed to do exactly that.

A balcony hot tub
Our movers have the tools needed to transport the most difficult objects

We make use of effective padding during transport to assure a smooth relocation. Beyond that, our staff renders the most exquisite packing services Philadelphia residents can expect.

Desire to cater to your delicate relocation wishes

The belongings you want us to relocate are very valuable to you. You likely want to have as much of a say about their handling as is possible. That is why we are always open to suggestions on how to transport your unique items.

In fact, we greatly appreciate any feedback or caveats on your end. After all, we are here to transport these things in an optimal fashion. If there is anything particular about your cargo that lets us do our job well, we would like to know about it. We want you to feel completely at ease with us while moving. This applies to everything from personal effects that demand a gentle hand to indispensable company assets that only the finest Philadelphia commercial movers can transport safely.

Thorough, comprehensive white glove moving services in Philadelphia

Many a standard moving company places an emphasis on speed of service. While it is admirable to get the job done quickly, some matters are better done with meticulousness than with haste. It is far better to conduct a white glove move with great care than at great speed.

An elaborately decorated couch with red cushioning
If it can be disassembled and you want us to do it, we can take apart your valuable belongings before transportation

While definitely far from wasting your time, we want to ensure that we leave your belongings exactly as you want them. If this entails setup or reassembly, it is of no problem. Should you wish us to disassemble your valuables prior to the move, we will do so to the best of our abilities. We will also transport the belongings precisely as they should be, taking all the necessary precautions.

In case you would prefer to store your special things somewhere safe rather than keep them at your premises, we can also cater to that need. If you demand diligently managed and tightly secured storage solutions, we can point you to your ideal space. We provide a vast array of storage units in Philadelphia: portable, warehouse, on-site – you will easily solve all your storing problems with our help.

Enjoy a superior moving experience with our Philadelphia white glove movers

Any relocation is a challenge. One that includes the handling of particularly delicate or valuable objects is doubly so. You would want only the absolute best when it comes to the help you acquire for moving said objects.

Closeup of a luxury couch
Your belongings matter, both to you and to us

We appreciate the importance that every item you own holds for you. As such, we make it our mission to have you feeling comfortable with the transportation of your belongings. Things of such excellence deserve nothing but the greatest appreciation and skill in every interaction. This is why we go to great lengths to conduct as perfect a relocation as possible.

All the tools we utilize, all the training we undergo – all of it serves the purpose of respecting that notion. You deserve to have full confidence that your property is perfectly safe. We at Superior Moving & Storage give you everything you need to safely move the things that matter to you. Contact us today to have our Philadelphia white glove movers make possible the move you want.


I am very happy with the services provided by Steve Davalos, Lou Gonzalez, Ty Woods, and Don Dogma! The prices were very reasonable and calculated based on the hour. I highly recommend these guys!

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