Moving from Philadelphia to New York with ease

You feel unprepared for your upcoming relocation? You are not sure if you organized adequately and covered all steps for moving from Philadelphia to New York? Do not worry, we will remind you of all the vital steps one must take when relocating. Let us walk you through the simple guide and prepare you for the hard days ahead.

Moving from Philadelphia to New York requires a certain budget. How much is it?

To determine the price of your move, you must begin with a moving checklist. By listing down all steps that will ask for your time and money, you’ll be able to determine the overall moving cost. Simply write down everything you must do and add an inventory list to it as well. Determine how much stuff you have. The weight of your cargo and the number of moving boxes will dictate the moving price. Therefore, you must know how complex your relocation is and how much boxes and furniture you hold. Also, if you need to run errands or seek additional moving services, add that to the list. Anything that will spend your precious time and money should be on the list.

Prepare your budget for moving from Philadelphia to New York
Figure out your moving cost and prepare a moving budget accordingly.

Moreover, this is the best time to clean a bit and get rid of the old items you have. Time for decluttering and downsizing was never better. Hence, inspect all areas of your home and gather all those belongings that shouldn’t move with you. You can recycle, throw away, gift, sell, or donate. And you’ll even earn a buck or two in the process. Finally, after you are done with pre-move purge and your moving checklist is in place, contact Philadelphia movers. Make sure to do it at least 3 weeks before your moving date. This way you’ll secure the date you wish and the best possible service in the area. Organize like a pro and moving from Philadelphia to New York will be ten times easier.

You will need a reliable moving company by your side.

Now, the process of finding a proper moving company might sound easy. But there is a challenge on each step because there are certain perks we all want in a moving company. But guided by your pre-set requisites, you’ll find one that will suit you best. All in the purpose of best service at reasonable costs. Of course, you want to avoid moving scams as well. Therefore, this is how you should search for movers. Firstly, browse online until you find a couple of interesting choices. Then, you should compare the prices and services they offer. Read a few reviews and blogs until you find information about the moving company you chose. You want to be sure that they are honest and experienced. Also, they must have all the tools required to take care of your relocation project.

Movers loading moving truck
Find a reliable moving team that will assist you on this wonderful journey!

When you are sure that your choice is legit, give them a call, and communicate further. But to spare your time and resources, we must advise on checking long distance movers Philadelphia. Here you’ll find moving experts equipped with all the tools required and with the knowledge required to undertake such a task. Not to mention the competitive prices they offer. You will be pleased for sure.

Make sure your movers are up to the task.

It won’t hurt to take a closer look at the moving company you are about to hire. Once you are sure that your moving company possesses all the perks and if pricing is good, give them a call. All in purpose to communicate the details further and obtain additional info. More importantly to be sure that they are up to the task. Also, this way you’ll avoid moving scams, as long as you follow these steps. Contact your movers and ask the all questions that came to your mind. Start by checking if they are licensed and if they have all the permits to operate locally and long-distance. Then, check if they have all the tools, equipment, moving vehicles, and enough manpower for the job.

Next is to check if they have a physical address that you can visit. And if you want to take a step further, visit them. Speak with a moving representative in person and make sure that everything is looking good. Maybe you can even take a tour and inspect one of the moving trucks that will transport your home. And remember, there are no stupid questions. You are the customer, and you must have all your concerns removed. But with an honest moving company, communication won’t be a problem and in no time, you’ll find the best solution.

Pack like a pro before moving from Philadelphia to New York!

Who moved at least once can confirm that packing is boring, tiresome, and time-consuming. But you can skip it if you purchase the packing services Philadelphia and let movers do it all instead. They will even bring all the packing supplies for you. But if you decide to do it yourself, you should obtain the following:

  • Moving boxes
  • Blister packs
  • Packing paper
  • Packing tape
  • Labels

Fill your boxes with blister packs to make a nice cushion for your items. Then fill in the gaps between items to lower chances of damages. Wrap individual items with packing paper and once your box is full close and tape it down. Use higher quality packing tape to make your boxes stronger. And finally, label each box to make it easier for everyone. Especially for you when it is time to unpack.

Packing materials
Obtain all relevant packing materials to secure your cargo.

It is time for a moving quote.

The best way to determine how complex your move is is to utilize free onsite estimates. Your moving representative will stop by and evaluate your cargo and the environment. It is important for movers to know how many floors, stairs, elevators, and doors they must take while loading the moving trucks. Also, if there are any other obstacles on the way. The same goes for your furniture. If you have robust and big pieces, your movers should know about it.

All this insight will prepare you better for the final quote and a moving price. Your movers will share their knowledge and insight as well. They will advise if any additional moving services Philadelphia will help. More importantly, the whole evaluation will open more opportunities for you to make your relocation cheaper and safer. Be sure to ask for onsite estimates and make moving from Philadelphia to New York an adventure rather than a hardship.

Take care of your moving documents.

Yes, there will be some paperwork involved. A moving contract should be in place if you are doing business with a legit moving company. Make sure that all services and a final price are displayed in the contract and be mindful of the fine print at the bottom. All should be transparent so both parties are satisfied.

Also, there are personal documents and legalities you should take care of. Make sure to cover everything a month in advance because some hardcopies need time to transfer. So, all your school records, medical records, legal documents, bank accounts, internet and cellphone services, etc. And do not forget to reroute the last set of utility bills to your new address. Update all relevant parties with your new contact info and you are good to go.

And that is it, a simple guide on moving from Philadelphia to New York. As long as you follow your carefully laid out plan and your moving checklist, you won’t have to worry. Good luck and have a safe relocation.

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