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One of the most delicate and expensive items one person can relocate is a piano. Large musical instruments, such as pianos and organs, are both fragile and heavy which is exactly why they need to be placed in the hands of someone experienced. As a company that has been in the relocation industry since 1981, we at Superior Moving & Storage, believe we have what is necessary for moving a piano from one place to another successfully. We are experienced in transporting organs, pianos, and other instruments of different sizes. Our professional piano movers in Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland can take the stress away from any relocation by planning every step of it and tailoring it according to our clients’ needs. Let us help you too to relocate your precious piano safely! Get in touch with us and rest at ease while we do the work for you.

Woman and a child playing a piano
Your precious piano will be safe and secure in the hands of Superior Moving and Storage

The importance of having reliable piano movers by your side during the relocation

The transportation of a piano needs to be taken seriously. This instrument can very easily get damaged in transportation if you don’t handle it with extra care. And, its delicacy isn’t the only thing that can cause problems during the relocation. Pianos are also very heavy. They can weigh anywhere between 500 and 1,300 pounds! This kind of weight makes navigating a piano down the stairs, to an escalator, or through a narrow hallway a very challenging task. Fortunately, a moving disaster can be avoided! With the help of reliable piano movers in Philadelphia, you will be able to relocate your favorite instrument with no problems. But, for a successful relocation, you will need to find a company with years of experience… a company such as Superior Moving & Storage.

Superior Moving & Storage – a company that will treat your needs as number one priority

Letting someone else move an instrument you cherish that much can be a bit overwhelming. But, what if we told you that we have been relocating all types of pianos for 40 years? Will you feel better knowing that someone experienced will be dealing with the relocation of your piano? Experience does matter! Every relocation we have organized so far helped us understand better the process of relocation. They helped us come up with different strategies that can turn every move into a breeze. So, you can be sure that your piano will be safe in the hands of our professionals. To prove this, we want to tell you a bit more about us, and the team of piano movers Philadelphia residents are proud of. After all, you need to learn as much as you can about one company before you put it in charge of your relocation.

A piano in an empty room
Only a reliable moving company can move a piano successfully and safely

Superior Moving & Storage is a company that has been in operating in this industry since 1981. We are offering our moving services to residents of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. At our company, you can get both moving and storage services of the highest quality. You can choose one or more of them and get the move that was perfectly designed just for you and your needs. Therefore, if you are looking for a company that can provide you with quality piano movers Philadelphia locals always recommend, but you also need well-maintained storage facilities, you are in the right place.

Moving different types of pianos with ease

To be recognized as a professional, every piano mover needs to know how to handle relocations of different pianos. In case you didn’t know, there are several types of pianos. Even though they are very much alike, there are some differences that can turn their relocation into a challenge. But, there is nothing to worry about since we can move all types of pianos! Whether you have an upright, grand, or a digital piano, we will be there to help you move them. We will ensure that your precious instruments will leave your home and arrive at your new address intact. The only thing you will have to do is to tune a piano after our movers leave your new home.

Providing top-notch services at affordable rates

Americans are very mobile and they deserve to have a trustworthy moving ally who offers quality services at affordable rates. You can get all of that right at our company. We believe that the thing that separates us the most from other moving companies is that we love what we do! We care about our clients’ needs and the safety of their belongings. So, whoever wants to relocate their instruments or entire homes, can count on our experts. Our goal is to provide all of you with the relocation experience you wanted. Feel free to stop by our website at any time and get a free moving estimate. We are here to help you plan your moving budget and choose the services you need.

Hiring our piano movers in Philadelphia – how it works?

Whether you are in need of only moving services, or you need to get storage services PA as well, we will guide you through a process that will help us determine what kind of relocation meets your requirements. Here are the steps to hiring our professionals:

  1. Get in touch with us to learn about what we can offer you. It is really important to get informed about the entire process of relocating a piano and moving other items you own.
  2. Explain to us what kind of relocation you are hoping for. Don’t worry, we are good listeners and we will gladly try to provide you with the move you want.
  3. Leave the moving preparations to our experts and your piano will be moved with utmost care. Once we get the idea of what kind of relocation you want, we will start to plan it. We will do our best to meet your requirements.

    Woman playing a piano after moving it with the help of piano movers Philadelphia
    Regardless of the type of piano you need to move, our piano movers Philadelphia based will make sure it arrives at your new home intact

Get in touch with our piano movers in Philadelphia and get the relocation you have pictured

If you want to relocate a piano with no problems along the way, rely on Superior Moving & Storage. Our piano movers in Philadelphia are the ones who can organize the relocation that perfectly suits your moving needs. In case you need any additional information, we will gladly answer any questions you might have. So, wait no more and get in touch with us to check out the areas we cover and to schedule your move with us.

We are looking forward to assisting you!


I am very happy with the services provided by Steve Davalos, Lou Gonzalez, Ty Woods, and Don Dogma! The prices were very reasonable and calculated based on the hour. I highly recommend these guys!

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