What to wear on your moving day?

In the chaos of preparing for a relocation you probably haven’t considered what to wear on your moving day. It doesn’t exactly sound like the most important thing to be thinking about, does it? But as with everything else regarding moving, your moving day outfit should be planned in advance. After all, you can’t wear things you’ve already packed and given to your Philadelphia movers. And you also don’t want to end up having to wear something completely unsuitable because it’s the only thing you haven’t packed. So you will need to think about what to wear before moving day arrives.

Why does it matter what you wear on your moving day?

Moving might be a big event but it is not one that really comes with a dress code. After all, who is even going to see you on moving day? It’s not like your family or any Pennsylvania movers will care what you look like. But it’s not about what you look like here. What you wear while packing and moving is all about convenience, practicality, and comfort. Wearing clothes you feel comfortable in, can spend a lot of time in, and can be physical in will make it easier to complete all the tasks on your moving checklist. On the other hand, wearing inappropriate clothing will make your already stressful moving day even worse. In fact, wearing the wrong clothes can even cause injuries if they catch on things, make it difficult to move or don’t protect you appropriately.

An outfit you could wear on your moving day.
Preparing your outfit in advance is a smart idea.

What should you wear on your moving day?

It’d be smart to set aside your moving day outfit before you start packing your clothes. That way you won’t accidentally pack something you’ll need later on. So what should you consider?

Comfortable clothes

Even if you plan on relying on professional packing services, there will still be things you need to do by yourself on moving day. You’ll have to pack the things your movers won’t take, clean, and move around a lot as you supervise everything that’s happening. So it’s important that whatever you wear is something you feel comfortable in. You need to be able to move around a lot and to probably spend the whole day in these clothes. You can’t do either in tight pants or gowns so use your common sense when picking out your outfit.

Old, worn clothes you don’t mind parting with

There’s a not insignificant possibility that the clothes you wear on moving day will get damaged. They might snag on something and rip or you might spill something on them that you later can’t wash out. So wear something that won’t be a big loss even if you end up having to get rid of it.

Breathable fabrics

Even if you’re moving in winter, the sheer amount of physical activity will probably cause you to sweat quite a bit during the day. If you’re moving in summer, this is pretty much a given. And besides, fabrics like polyester and similar blends just don’t feel as pleasant when you have to wear them for a long time. Natural, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen will be much more comfortable.

Cotton canvas.
Cotton and linen are good materials to consider.

Lots of pockets

Having pockets will definitely come in handy during the move. At some point or another, you’ll end up with a bunch of knick-knacks you have no idea what to do with but can’t lose in your hands. And that’s when pockets come in handy. They’re also great for keeping all your documents, your wallet, and everything else you need on you all the time.

What shouldn’t you wear on your moving day?

What you do wear is important. But only because what you shouldn’t wear is crucial. Wearing the wrong thing could lead to a stressful and miserable moving day for you and nobody wants that. So here’s what you need to do:

Avoid loose-fitting and flowy clothes

It may be tempting to wear something very loose-fitting because it’s comfortable. And if you’ve checked the weather forecast and seen that it’ll be hot and humid on your moving day, that temptation becomes stronger. However, flowy clothing can easily catch and snag on corners, exposed nails, and tools. Not only will this ruin your clothes, but it can also cause you to knock things over and damage them or injure yourself if you fall. Choose something with a slim or tight fit but stretchy and of breathable material and you’ll be much better off.

Skip things that are new or expensive

This should go without saying but there’s a good chance your clothes will be damaged while moving. While some of this can be repaired later on, it’s best not to risk new and expensive clothing by moving in it. Even if you don’t rip something, you could easily stain it, especially when moving with kids and spending a lot of time on a road with them. Something old and worn that you can afford to let go of if anything happens will be far more comfortable.

Person in a dress.
Moving day is not the time to pull out your favorite dress.

Don’t wear things you’re not comfortable spending a lot of time in

While it is smart to have a change of clothes handy, odds are that what you choose to wear on your moving day is what you’re going to spend the relocation in. So it has to be something you don’t mind spending a lot of time in. And remember: it’s not just a lot of time that you need to spend wearing this outfit; there’s a lot of things you need to do while in it too. You don’t want to be lifting boxes in a bodycon dress or disassembling furniture in a tuxedo – that’s just common sense. A tracksuit or leggings, a t-shirt and a hoodie, running shoes or working boots (depending on the weather), or something similar is probably your best bet.

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