Top reasons to move your business to Delaware this year

As popular as it is for families, Delaware is also a great place to start a business. Whether you run a small local shop or a corporate company, it could be a great idea to move your business to Delaware this year. Before you start looking for reliable movers Delaware has to offer, take a look at the following guide. We made a list of the most important reasons why Delaware is a great place for moving your business this year.

Is Delaware a good place to start a business?

When choosing a good US state for moving a business, Delaware should be one of your top choices. There are many reasons to move your business to Delaware. However, depending on the type of business you run, there will be different cities to choose from. Delaware is known for good laws and regulations for businesses, but also for good support from the state. Besides being a popular destination for tourists, Delaware is also a great place to raise a family. So, if you plan to move your business and your family home at the same time, this state will be a good choice.

office buildings
Delaware is a great place for both small and corporate companies.

A big number of businesses in Delaware are imported from other states. Moving business here has become a common practice since business owners are happy with the overall conditions. Moreover, Forbes ranked Delaware as the 5th best state for business costs. This is a growing city, and its economy is getting stronger with every year. Both corporate companies and small businesses see Delaware as a great opportunity for their head offices.

Reasons why you should move your business to Delaware

Moving a business is a tough decision, for many reasons. Finding the right customers and keeping up with all the costs is not easy. Take a look at why you should relocate your business to Delaware this year.

  • Great tax policy. In Delaware, business owners are glad to enjoy favorable tax shelters. For those in sales, the tax will not be an issue. Plenty of businesses will not have to worry about taxes which makes it easier to profit from the business. There are no taxes for sales, personal property, and there are no value-added taxes for products.
  • Judicial system. If you want to move your business to Delaware, you can ask the court for a piece of advice. Unlike other states in the US, Delaware court can easily dissolve any litigation between two companies.
  • Delaware supports new businesses. If you are a newcomer in Delaware, this will be good news. This state offers a variety of incentive programs for business owners.

How to prepare for business relocation?

Moving a business to another state is not an easy job. With everything that goes into planning this process, it’s easier to make a moving plan. If you decide to hire a moving company like Superior Moving and Storage, you will get some of the best commercial movers in the state. Here are some of the most important steps you should take in order to prepare for a business move:

team meeting
Making a relocation plan will help you run your business during the moving process.
  • Start planning your move on time. Moving your business to Delaware could take more time than you think. For small businesses, this will require at least a few weeks of preparation. For corporate companies, the moving process can take as long as a few months.
  • Adjust your working hours. If you are working with clients on a daily basis, you should reschedule your working hours. Planning a move while running a business at the same time is not an easy job.
  • Gather your employees and make a plan. You will not be alone in planning this process. Your employees can work as a team and help you prepare the company for a Delaware move.
  • Inform your clients about the upcoming move. In case you are working with clients during a move, you will need to let them know about the upcoming move. If possible, try working online for a few weeks until you finish the moving preparations.
  • Look for professional moving companies. Commercial movers are often busier during summertime. So, if you want to find the ones you can trust, it’s better to book them on time.
  • Prepare and pack office inventory. This process can be complicated, which is why you should let professionals handle it.
  • Organize the moving day. Once you hire a professional moving company, you will have a bigger picture of how to organize your business relocation day.

Packing office inventory

Some companies work with plenty of office inventory, especially those who are selling different products. Also, bigger corporations deal with plenty of IT equipment and other office inventory. In order to pack fragile items, expensive equipment, and other office inventory, you will need to make a packing plan. Before you relocate your business to Delaware, you will need to pack your offices in a certain order:

typing on a laptop
Commercial movers are often booked months ahead. So, make sure to start looking for movers as soon as possible.
  • Prepare packing supplies
  • Sort out office inventory
  • Consider professional packing services
  • Pack confidential files and fragile items separately
  • Label the moving boxes for easier unpacking

Packing offices is just a small part of planning a commercial move. If you want to move your business to Delaware, you should plan this process carefully. There are many reasons to choose this state for your new office headquarters. With some help from the best commercial movers Philadelphia PA has to offer, you will enjoy running your business in Delaware in no time. All you need is a good plan, some information, and a good team to help you handle this type of move.

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