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Delaware is perhaps best known for its reputation as a trend-setting, trail-blazing state owing to the fact that it was one of the first states to sign and ratify the Constitution. But that’s not the only thing Delaware is famous for: this is the second smallest state in the US by landmass. Despite that, it is a popular place to move to and live in, ensuring that it is quite densely populated. In a state so small, you might think relocation is no big deal. However, you would be wrong. Moving here will be just as difficult without the help of professional and experienced movers Delaware like Superior Moving & Storage as it would be anywhere else in the country. So if you’re planning a relocation anywhere in the state of Delaware, do yourself a favor and contact us – we will make sure your move goes well!

Lighthouse in Delaware.
Enjoy your relocation to Delaware with the help of the right movers.

Get the superior moving experience you deserve with Superior Moving & Storage

Everyone deserves to experience the joys of a quick and easy relocation. Moving without stress, getting to enjoy a new beginning and starting your new life off on the right foot is important. If that is how you want your move to go, then professional moving services Delaware are the way to go. And as one fo the best moving and storage service providers in the state, we are ready to give you exactly what you need.

Experienced and dedicated movers Delaware at your service

Superior Moving & Storage is a family-owned full-service moving company that’s been in the business for 40 years. Our experience with moving has made us experts on all types of relocation. You can reap the benefits of our knowledge by hiring our Delaware movers for your upcoming move. We employ a team of dedicated professionals who will make sure that your move goes exactly according to plan. You can count on us to always put your satisfaction first on our list of priorities.

A reputable and reliable moving company Delaware that you can trust

There’s nothing more important than being able to trust your movers. The only way to relax while someone else handles your relocation is if you know that the company you’re working with is fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Superior Moving & Storage is all of the above. Additionally, we have an excellent reputation in the business as movers that you can rely on. So forget about inaccurate estimates and delayed deliveries – that won’t be an issue with us!

We are the perfect moving experts for any Delaware relocation

Every relocation is different and unique. What kind of help you need with it depends on what you’re moving, where you’re moving to and which moving services you plan on using. Luckily, there isn’t much Superior Moving & Storage can’t do for you. We offer professional assistance with:

Piano that movers Delaware can help you with.
Even moving a piano won’t be difficult with our help.

Local and long-distance movers Delaware for your home

When you’re moving, one of the most important questions is how far you’re going. Local and long-distance relocations are very different from one another. The farther away you’re moving, the more complicated, expensive and time-consuming the move will be. However, distance is not an issue with Superior Moving & Storage. Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, we will be more than happy to assist you and make sure that everything goes to plan.

Commercial movers in Delaware for your business

Moving an office is not the same as moving house. For all those specific and unique challenges that you will face when relocating your business, our teams of commercial moving experts have the answer. With their help, your move will be quick and efficient and you’ll be back in business at your new location before you know it.

Efficient packing services for any relocation

Packing is one of the quintessential tasks of moving. When you think of moving, you probably imagine yourself packing your life in boxes first. And if that is how you prefer to go about it, then we can provide you with high-quality packing supplies for the job. But if you want to save time, spare yourself the exhaustion and make sure that all your belongings are packed safely and efficiently, then you should consider our professional packers. We will make the whole process significantly easier for you!

People carrying boxes.
Enjoy an efficient packing process with the help of professionals.

A variety of high-quality storage solutions

Whether you are moving, remodeling or simply downsizing, storage can be the temporary or long-term solution to a lack of space. Superior Moving & Storage offers you a variety of options including warehouse storage, climate-controlled storage units and portable storage. So whatever you’re storing, whatever conditions you are looking for and however long you need the extra space for, we can offer you a solution.

Special moving services from experts movers in Delaware

Occasionally, a moving task will be so specific that it isn’t part of the standard offer of moving services that you can expect from most movers. However, Superior Moving & Storage are not just most movers. We offer specialized services for the most difficult aspects of relocation:

  • last minute moving: contact us if you need to move urgently – we’ll help you relocate as quickly as possible
  • piano moving: move any type of piano safely and easily with our help
  • white glove moving: extra care for all your special and valuable items that need it

Contact us today and schedule your dream relocation!

Your Delaware relocation can be easy with the help of movers Delaware relies on. As one of the best providers of all types of moving and storage services in the country, Superior Moving & Storage is the clear choice. Contact us for a free moving estimate today and find the perfect solution for all your moving problems. You won’t make a mistake trusting us!

Delaware areas we serve

  • Wilmington movers
  • Claymont movers
  • New Castle County movers
  • Kent County movers
  • Hockessin movers
  • New Castle movers
  • Newark movers
  • Brookside movers
  • Bear DE movers
  • Smyrna movers
  • Dover movers
  • Camden DE movers


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