The art of packing fragile items – simple guide

When preparing yourself and your family to move house, packing itself is a massive enterprise. The packing of flimsy and delicate objects is another level of this painstaking venture. The issue remains identical no matter how big the move is or how far away you are moving. You may need to spend hours looking for useful advice online. Perhaps you will contact your friends to help you out. To save you from wandering about, Superior Moving & Storage offers a simple guide through the art of packing fragile items. Follow our guidelines and no glass will be broken nor a cup chipped.

Prepare your brush for the art of packing fragile items

Good preparation gets half the job done. If you are a Maryland resident, you may want to look for the first-rate Maryland movers to turn to. However, the first step is to design your plan of activities and errands. Make an inventory of all your flimsy and breakable possessions. Be sure not to omit any item from the list. Try to figure out how much packing material you will need. Take time to organize your daily activities towards the packing requirements.

couple carrying boxes in the flat
Be careful when packing fragile items

Good packing techniques will save you from the costs of having to buy a replacement for a broken object. There are a few useful suggestions for preparation:

  • supply with adequate packing material
  • learn about the fine art of packing fragile items
  • take your time
  • look for a reliable moving company if you want to leave it to professionals

Choose the right material to pack delicate items

Among a plentitude of various materials in your local hardware store, you may want to know what exactly to choose. The first and most important are boxes. Choose boxes of various sizes. They should be cardboard, durable, and sturdy. You will also need a lot of packing tape, packing foam, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, scissors, sticky labels, felt tip pen, and reusable plastic containers. In case you are hiring a moving company, rest assured they are already supplied with the best material. If you reside in the state of Maryland, our team of movers North East MD will handle your fragile possessions with utmost care.

Check what professionals have to offer

In case you are struggling with the purchase of packing material, we can come for a rescue. We offer a variety of moving supplies and are here at your disposal to facilitate your moving endeavor.

Start packing fragile items like a pro

There are a few useful tips to pack breakables like a professional. For starters, try packing smaller amounts of items into small boxes. It will be easier to carry them if they are distributed across several small boxes instead of a couple of big ones. Wrap each glass, cup, or plate in packing paper or bubble wrap. Make sure the items don’t clink against each other. Fill the glasses with packing paper for extra protection from breaking.

Put heavier items on the bottom of the box and the lighter ones on top. Put similar items in the same box. Try to avoid having space between items. If there is any loose space fill it up with paper, cloths, or packing peanuts for extra padding. Firmly seal every corner of the box with several layers of packing tape. Tape the bottom of the box with packing tape, in several layers, to avoid items collapsing through it. We also recommend using reusable plastic containers, mostly because they are eco-friendly, on top of being solid and reliable.

All boxes with breakable items should be properly labeled. This way professional movers or people who are helping you out will take extra care.

woman packing fragile item in a bubble wrap
Professional packing with the right material

Large breakable items

Securing massive fragile items such as mirror requires more material and involvement. Put the duct tape over the glass of the mirror in a form of an X sign. Cut the cardboard to fit the size of the mirror on both sides, fold the edges of the cardboard, and connect them with duct tape. For extra safety, you can wrap the mirror in bubble wrap before covering it with cardboard. Pack it separately from other items, ideally in a thin box or its original package.

Pack your china properly

Transferring your favorite china set is something you should pay special attention to. Having coffee from a chipped cup at a housewarming party is not your idea of fun. Ideally, a special box with separators would come in handy, or an original china packing. Make sure the boxes are made of thick cardboard. In lack of a special box, pack every individual item in bubble wrap and secure it with duct tape. Put packing peanuts or crumpled paper to fill the dead space between items. With cups, you can even wrap each one in paper and stack them inside another. As for plates, you can put the paper between each plate in a box, or you can go with bubble wrap.

Transport tips and tricks

Transportation is of utmost importance because during transport the boxes can wiggle, turn over, and tumble. It is advisable to transport fragile items separately from other less breakable ones. If an unqualified person conducts the transportation, it might lead to damage. That is why, to save yourself from stress and worry, we recommend that you leave it to the professionals. Professional moving companies boast adequate vehicles, know-how, and long-standing experience. If you opt for movers in Elkton MD, all your breakables will reach your new residence in one piece.

man driving a moving van
Hire a top-rated moving company

Reaching the final destination

You have reached your new home and along the way absorbed the art of packing fragile items. Whether it was down to your intelligent packing, or your hiring of professional movers, your stuff came to your new home intact. With good logistics, smart packing, quality moving supplies, and extraordinary moving service, relocating your breakables has never been easier. You may now spread a good word around the state of Maryland to help other moving warriors ease their struggle.

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