Should you help your movers on moving day?

When you decide to relocate, there are definitely a lot of things to do, especially in the time preceding moving day itself. That’s precisely why most people hire professional movers to help them with the relocation – there’s simply too much to do on your own. But while that is the case, once moving day actually arrives, you’ll have another question – should you help your movers on moving day? Is there something you can do to make sure you’ve adequately prepared your home for their arrival? And at what point are you actually hindering the movers instead of helping them? Don’t worry, Superior Moving & Storage will explain all of this below!

Prepare your appliances to help your movers on moving day

Now, the question of whether you should help your movers on moving day (and in what way) depends on a couple of things. Mainly, on what kind of services you hired them for. If the movers are supposed to both pack and transfer your household items – you don’t want to do separate packing as well. After all, having hired packing services means that the movers are liable for the state of the items upon arrival. And if you have packed some of them, there could be a feud down the line. One regarding whose fault it is that something was damaged. Considering that, how do you help your West Chester PA movers? As you’ll see soon enough, there are plenty of different things that you can do. Namely, this includes preparing all of your electrical possessions and major appliances for the relocation.

A picture hanging on a pink wall
Put down everything that is hanging on your walls before movers come.


Getting everything ready

The last thing you want is for movers to waste their time on disassembling some of your electronics, or realizing that they can’t do so due to guarantees and liabilities. So, prepare everything that you can without being in the way too much. That’s one of the best ways to help your movers on moving day. In other words, disconnect and unplug all of your appliances and electronics before the movers come. That includes everything from your TV and sound system to your washer and dryer. That’s an especially good idea if you’re packing for an interstate move. You don’t want to waste time.

Also, if you’re moving your freezer – defrost it before the arrival of the movers. Of course, unplugging coffee makers and lamps is easy enough- they’ve almost always got no more than a single cable. But when it comes to more complex parts of your household electronics, make sure to label their cables properly. This will allow you to easily connect them in the new home later on. 

Check out your walls

If you’re going to perform a long-distance relocation, you definitely want to save as much time as you can. For instance, moving from Philadelphia to New York will take hours upon hours, so you want to do some of the little things that will speed up the proceedings. That’s one of the most practical ways to help your movers on relocation day. For instance, go through your house systematically and check out if you’ve left anything hanging on the walls. That includes anything from family photos to art and clocks. Take these off and place them beneath the wall in a way that doesn’t make them easy to knock over, your movers will take care of the rest.

Sort things that you’re not moving

During any kind of relocation, everyone has things that they’re not moving. Some are the things that we’re getting rid of. After all, there’s no better time to declutter your household than when you’re preparing to move away. Perhaps you’ll organize a garage sale for some of the stuff, or just donate it to someone who needs it more. After all, there are also some things that you just have to throw away. 

A mover writing something on a box in a van
Label everything clearly before the movers arrive!

That’s all well and good, but you don’t want to waste your movers’ time by explaining what’s supposed to be moved and what isn’t. Instead, you can perform this selection much more practically and make it clear to everyone. Once the moving day comes, clean out one of the rooms in your home. Then, proceed to put all of the things that movers should ignore in that room. That way, movers will immediately know which stuff to ignore and they won’t have to think about each individual thing they pack from other rooms. Also, find a singular place for all of the things that you will personally be taking with you, important personal documentation, other forms, etc.

Double-check everything

If you want to help your movers on relocation day, one of the finest things that you can do is to make sure that you’ve done everything that you can. For instance, if there are valuable items that should be separately packed, check if you have done that, and have you done it properly. Also, label these breakable items with a special color that’s easy to see. That way, movers will immediately realize where they need to show special care. For the people who have organized themselves using a moving checklist – now is the time to go through it once more and make sure that everything is in order. Most importantly, once the movers arrive, try to observe them without being in the way too much.

A cardboard box on a driveway
Make sure that your movers have enough space to work properly!


As you can see, there are tons of ways to help your movers on moving day without obstructing them or their work process. Just make sure to follow our tips, and everything will go over fine!

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