5 Tips for Moving Valuables

No one likes to move home and shift their environment. Let alone endangering their possession by moving them across the state. Yes, you’ll be delighted if you are moving to a new job or a bigger home. But you still must go through the tiresome moving process. You should organize, pack, and find movers Langhorne PA to transport your belongings safely. Hence, let us help you by providing a few most important tips for moving valuables. Let’s keep your belongings safe and relocate them with zero damages.

You can’t do this without a proper moving company

There are hundreds of tips for moving valuables but the most important one is how to find a moving company. It is extremely important who will handle your valuables. No matter how you pack, if you have fraudulent or incapable movers with you, your relocation will be a disaster. To avoid such a thing, you should start looking online for moving companies in Pennsylvania. Compare prices, reviews, and services. Narrow your search down until you find a few that can be viable. Then, simply give them a call and obtain more info to help you finalize your moving plan.

mover pushing a cart
Find yourself a reliable, skilled, and equipped moving company.

But before you do, you should obtain enough info yourself. You should realize the complexity of your relocation project. To do it right, you should assemble a moving checklist with all the tasks you should complete before the moving day. Then, inspect your home and figure out how many valuables you must pack. This process will give you the rough numbers about the amount of moving supplies, numbers of moving boxes, and overall moving cost. After you have all this info, then call your movers and work your way toward a successful relocation.

Researching the moving industry

But you must know that it is not enough simply to click on a website and absorb everything there is. You should also be sure that your movers are legit and a company worth hiring. Therefore, a thorough inspection is in order. Hopefully, you’ll find enough time to do the following:

  • Check if they have a company logo, contact info, and physical address displayed on their website.
  • Figure out if your company is registered online. You can check FMCSA or the US association of Movers.
  • Read reviews, obtain a word of mouth, or find references. If you have someone who already used their moving services PA the better.
  • Call your movers and ask if they have permits, licenses, tools, and equipment. You want to be sure that they are up to the task. More importantly, they are following laws, rules, and regulations set in place.
A woman and a man browsing the internet for tips for moving valuables
Double-check and confirm the legitimacy of your moving company. Go online and do your research.

Among all the tips for moving valuable items that we can give, this one is probably the most useful one. If you spare an hour or two to check all the facts, you won’t have to deal with sketchy movers.

A well-laid packing plan is one of the tips for moving valuables

Whether we are talking about furniture or other household items, it all must be packed safely. To do it right, you’ll need a lot of packing supplies. Firstly, check out your furniture and figure out if you can disassemble any of it and make it easier to move. If you do, remember to wrap each piece individually and remember where it was before you removed it. Yes, we all want to help as much as possible and make it all easier. But you might not know how to pack a king-size bed for the move, disassemble a pool table, or even a piano. Some items are better relocated in one piece and with a specialized moving team. Hence, think about it before attempting anything.

On the other hand, all the home appliances and smaller household items are up for grabs. You can pack it all using cardboard boxes, packing tape, blister packs, and labels. Simply place blister packs or any other form of cushion at the bottom of the box and place your items on top. Once the box is full, you should fill the gaps with crumpled paper or more cushions. Then, close the box, apply packing tape, and label it right. Labels will provide knowledge about the items inside and whoever is carrying them around will be more careful when handling fragile items.

Maybe you should opt for higher-quality packing supplies

If you have a stretching budget and you want to add another layer of protection, you can always use better moving supplies. We already mentioned blister packs as they are somewhere in the middle. For some people, those packing supplies are extremely expensive while others find them affordable. Therefore, figure out where you stand and what you can afford. The choice is vast but from commonly used ones you have packing peanuts, Styrofoam, foam edge protectors, and corner pads. Of course, there are custom made moving boxes, metal containers, plastic bins, and wooden crates. And note that you can use a mix of the two and still remain within the limits of your budget.

A woman smiling behind the wrapped couch
Use higher-quality packing materials and protect your valuables adequately.

Purchasing moving insurance is another among the tips for moving valuables

No matter what you do, you should ensure that you are doing it safely. If you do not know how to lift boxes and furniture you shouldn’t do it at all. It is far better to let your movers do it instead. They have the knowledge and experience, and you are paying them to do it as well. But in case you want to handle certain aspects yourself, make sure you at least have a homemade first-aid kit available nearby. Cuts and bruises are common injuries while moving, and you should be prepared for it. On the other hand, you want to ensure your items are safe as well. Especially if you have a few valuable antique pieces in your possession. So, you should check with your movers and purchase the moving insurance. Or seek full coverage from a proper insurance company.

Ok, now you know a few additional tips for moving valuables and how to do it right. Remember, as long as you have a reliable moving company enlisted for the job, you won’t have to worry for a second. Good luck and relocate safely.

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