Moving to NYC alone – the ultimate guide

This city boasts unique and enormous energy that invigorates life, but on the other hand, can be exhausting. That is why if you live there on your own or just visiting, you have to be organized and know your way around town.  The same goes for relocation to New York. If you are moving to NYC alone you are in for an organizational challenge. To make the stressful moving process a little less tiresome and a little more enjoyable, hire a professional. Professional movers at Superior Moving & Storage can help you guide your relocation to the big city successfully.

Find a place before moving to NYC alone

Since you opted for solo living, there will be no roommates to split the rent or utility bills with. Renting a place in New York is an expensive venture. Be aware that you are moving to one of the most expensive cities in the world, where living costs highly exceed the national average. If you are on a budget, you will aim for a small apartment. The Bronx is currently the most affordable among the five boroughs.

a brownstone in NY
Find out which neighborhoods are affordable and safe

If you previously lived in a suburban house, moving to a tiny but affordable apartment will be a big transition for you. This also means that you will not be able to fit all your personal stuff into your new apartment. Make a list of the things you absolutely have to take. For everything else, there are a few options. Leave them behind at your old place, sell them online, donate to charity, or rent a storage space. If you are moving from Pennsylvania, storage units Philadelphia will make sure your belongings are safe.

Before signing a lease for the apartment, check if the neighborhood is safe and if the location suits you. Tribeca, Battery Park City, and Nolita are considered to be the safest areas of NYC.  Hence Lower Manhattan is ideal for a person living on their own. Also, New York is famous for its well-organized public transport, especially the subway, so getting around town is utterly simple and easy.

Start packing for your NYC relocation

The first course of action when it comes to packing is to make an inventory. The checklist will enhance your packing process to a great extent and you will be sure no item is missing. Once you have decided which items are going to the Big Apple with you, the next step is to supply yourself with packing material. The essentials are as follows:

  • cardboard boxes
  • packing paper
  • bubble wrap
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • felt tip pen
  • packing peanuts

In case you are not sure how much material you need or which type, consulting a professional moving company to assist you with packing supplies can be helpful. Apart from moving houses and offering storage space, selling packing supplies is another field of their business. Depending on the size of your move and the amount of personal stuff you are taking, they will advise which size of boxes you need, how many of them, and what other packing material comes in handy, such as a flat-screen tv box or a wardrobe box.

packing boxes when moving to NYC alone
Start packing for your big move to New York

Find a reliable moving company when moving to NYC alone

Organizing the relocation process entirely on your own is extremely frustrating and tense. Figuring out how to pack fragile items, carrying heavy boxes, and above all arranging transportation to New York takes up a lot of time, energy, and nerves. Even if friends and family are helping you out, they may not be experienced enough to conduct the house move successfully. Hiring a professional company would save the day here. All you have to do is determine which items you are taking with you. Everything else is in the hands of moving professionals. If you are moving from Philadelphia to New York, let the professionals think about packing, heavy lifting, transportation, and megalopolis traffic jams.

Settle in and get to know the big city

Once you settled in your cozy apartment, the time has come for getting the most of NYC. The most exciting city in the world offers a wide range of events. For theatre lovers, Broadway is the place to be. Watch a Tony-award play or an off-Broadway performance. Musicals are a trademark of Broadway and extremely popular. Artsy types will relish a variety of museums this city boasts – MOMA, MET, Natural History Museum, and Guggenheim are just a few of the most prominent ones. The collection of paintings and artifacts that New York Museums possess is incomparable. Those passionate about sports can sign up for NY Marathon, go to the Nicks game, watch the Mets play, or support their favorite tennis player at US Open.

Brooklyn Bridge
Visit the most prominent landmarks of the most exciting city in the world

Remember to visit the famous landmarks of New York. The view from the Empire State Building rooftop overlooking the entire city will amaze you. If you prefer being outdoor, you can enjoy the walk up the Brooklyn Bridge or sunbathe at the Hudson River Park. The central place for outdoor activities is surely Central Park. Whether you are walking, running, riding a boat, birdwatching, visiting the zoo, or just having a picnic, this large green space provides an array of outdoor recreation.

Enjoy your new residency

Moving to NYC alone does not mean being alone – in New York City, you are never by yourself, the city captures your attention with countless activities. Have a coffee at Greenwich and later maybe a cocktail in a fancy bar in Soho. Opportunities are innumerable because now you are a proud resident of the city that never sleeps.

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