Creative things you can do with leftover packing supplies

After the moving process is finally over, you switched to unpacking and decorating your new home. But before you completely settle in your new abode, there are a lot of post-moving details to take care of. Boxes and packing paper seem to be piling up as you unpack. You have to decide how to get rid of the accumulated leftover packing supplies. Throwing it away seems like a reasonable idea, but why not take advantage of more creative solutions. Professional movers at Superior Moving & Storage offer a guide through the best ways to handle the redundant material following your recent move.

boxes with books on the floor
Save packing material for your next relocation venture

Various ways to find a new purpose for leftover packing supplies

Getting rid of packing material you no longer need is not necessarily a hassle. With a little imagination and creativity, you can figure out the best way to utilize the redundant stuff. There are a lot of options and the most frequent ones are as follows:

  • save packing stuff for the next move
  • use it as a prop for children’s games
  • turn in into a storage item
  • give them away to friends or charity
  • sell them

Save your leftover packing supplies for your next move

As nowadays people move often, saving packing material for your next move seems like a logical thing to do. Pack it up properly and store it in a garage or any other storage space. You will be ready for packing in no time when the time for a new relocation comes. Save every solid and clean bag and bubble wrap. They can be reused many times, as long as they do not sustain any damage like being ripped, smashed, or stained. You can also reuse packing paper and peanuts, as well as duct tape Alternatively, Maryland residents can always rely on movers Elkton MD for assistance with packing and moving.

Reuse your packing material in creative ways

However, if you would like to get rid of the leftover packing material, keep in mind that most of the packing material is reusable. Throwing them away is not environmental-friendly. For instance, you can use plastic and cardboard bags as storage. Fil them with things you do not use every day and place them in the closet. Painting the boxes will turn them into a decorative storage material. Boxes are practical for storing because they can be put one on top of another and use up little space.

Remember to keep the bubble wrap as well. Insulation is one of the features that bubble wrap boasts. You can use it for window insulation, and also to stack it in your purses to prevent deformation. Bubble wrap can be used as packing material when you travel, if you carry something fragile, like perfume. Cardboard boxes can be also useful as protection for walls and floors during a house renovation.

Storing packing material can be an issue if you lack storing space in your house. Check for storage solutions with movers North East MD to save yourself from excessive material that lays around the house.

Use it for fun and play

Small children have a multitude of various toys that play music, spin around, inspire creativity, and have many more features. But once they get a hold of a cardboard box they can play with it for hours. This is a fun way to use your leftover packing material. When it comes to school children, there is also a fun activity for them – they would enjoy popping bubble wrap. They can use cardboard and paper for any sort of creative amusement – making a  Halloween mask, a playhouse, a fort, or for drawing, and painting. These seemingly simple things can occupy your children’s attention and give you the time to devote to other chores or to your own leisure.

You can even keep your pets busy and playful with cardboard boxes, especially cats. Cats will even use a box as a hiding spot or a bed.

a child peeking from inside the box
Use boxes as amusement for kids

Give them away

The remains of your packing material can come in handy to your family and friends during their move. Consider giving away those boxes, paper, bubble wrap, and duct tape to the people who are close to you. This way you will help their budget and save them from trips to the store. This will speed up their packing process as they will not be wasting time shopping for supplies. For those who like to hire a professional and have everything taken care of moving companies Maryland will get the supplies and sort the packing in no time.

If your friends are not moving or in need of packing supplies, there are other ways to make use of the leftovers. The other option is to find a place close to your home where you can donate the packing material. It is better to take it somewhere where it can be of use than to throw it away.

In case you have to throw the packing material away, in lack of other options, make sure to recycle it. Recycling bins are easy to find in almost every neighborhood and you would be doing a good thing for the environment.

three people surrounded by boxes
Help your friends with their move by giving them your leftover packing material

Sell them to a moving company

Moving companies are always in need of good packing material. Get in touch with moving professionals and they will advise if the boxes are in good condition for selling. Apart from decluttering your house and disposing of the extra packing supplies, you might earn some money too.

Develop your creative potentials

When it comes to making use of the leftover packing supplies, try to engage your creativity as much as possible. Add a ribbon to a cardboard box and use it as a gift packing tool. Packing paper can also make a nice vintage gift wrapper. Instead of simply throwing it away, find a fun and meaningful way to utilize it.

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