Moving Heavy Furniture? Leave it to the Professionals

Moving heavy furniture alone is never a good option.  You alone will not be able to lift and move heavy furniture, but calling your friends or family to come and help you move it is also not a good idea. You or they could easily get hurt while trying to move heavy furniture.  Trying to lift heavy furniture can lead to all kinds of accidents and injuries. Professional movers have the required tools and equipment, and are trained to handle and move heavy furniture.

Tips to prepare your heavy furniture for moving:

Clean the furniture before you start.
Once you decide that you want a piece of furniture in your new home, you should make sure you clean it before disassembling it and packing it. This way you can be sure that you can just unpack it and put it in the new place.

Measure the old and the new place and see if it fits.
Before deciding if you want to move a piece of furniture that is heavy, you should be sure that it fits your new home in the first place. The thing is that if you clean and move a piece of furniture to your new home, and find out then and there that it can’t fit, you wasted time and money for nothing, and it can easily be avoided.

Disassemble it as much as you can.
Make sure you disassemble it until you can easily lift each part of the furniture that needs to be relocated. It’s the only way for you to be sure that no one will get hurt during the relocation. And the furniture is much less likely to get dropped and damaged this way.

Hire professional movers to relocate it for you.
When it comes to moving heavy, valuable, or fragile furniture, a professional moving company is a must. You need to make sure that someone with experience takes care of it for you, so everything goes just right.

Use sliders if necessary.
Once the professional movers get to your home, they will lift each part of your furniture and move it to the moving truck. But, this is not always possible. If you disassembled this piece of furniture as much as you possibly could. This way, it still can’t be lifted by the movers, they will have no other choice but to move it by dragging it a bit. If you want to keep it safe and leave the floor undamaged, use sliders. Place the furniture on a slider and slide it through your home. Your floor will remain undamaged and so will the item you moved.

Follow these tips, and your belongings will be moved safely and securely and your new home look amazing in no time. Professional movers such as Superior Moving & Storage are always a much better choice than trying to relocate heavy furniture by yourself.

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