How to Prepare for Moving to Montgomery County, PA

If you’re thinking about moving to or preparing for a move to Montgomery County, you’re at the right place. Getting in touch with reliable Montgomery County movers is a great first step. The professional team and expert movers at Superior Moving & Storage will guide you through the process step by step. Relocation is the third most stressful life event, right after death and divorce. Here are some relocation tips from the Superior Moving team that you can use to make this event less stressful.

Start to prepare for moving to Montgomery County on time

The act of moving itself is a process that requires time, mostly because you need time to prepare and organize every room in your current place of residence. So, when you want to prepare for moving to Montgomery County – start your preparations on time. First, find the best moving team for your needs. You can do so by selecting the best one out of several moving companies in Pennsylvania. Believe it or not, most people would be surprised how long it really takes to just find one good relocation company that can safely move their items. Then, get everything organized and prepared. It often happens that things eventually become chaotic once the relocation begins.

Moving to Montgomery County

Make a crazy good to-do moving list

No matter if you move to Montgomery County in PA or anywhere else in the world, you need a checklist. The key is not to take relocation as something you can finish in a day or so… Because statistics show that most people need up to four weeks to get ready! This is because packing each room takes time. So you may need time to pack things: anything from a couple of hours to even a couple of days! And unpacking takes time as well.

Two things you need to have when you prepare to relocate to Montgomery County in PA

One of the few good things about moving is that you are not the only one moving. So even if you move at the last minute you can still find a reliable moving team to help you out. Again, statistics show that one in eight households relocates annually, thus providing a rich source of experience on how to do it best. In general, most of the people who move agreed on two things you need to have. Those are: to-do list and the essential box with valuables.

A checklist – or a to-do list – is a predefined list that consists of things to do – or check – before and during your move. This will give you a lot of insights and keep you on track as the day of relocation approaches. It will also help you not to forget some of the essentials things you need to do. The box with valuables can also be a file in which you should put all the important documents. Or it can be a box where you put your jewelry and documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, citizenship, etc.

There’s one super important box you need as well

One of the biggest problems, when you prepare to move to Montgomery County, is finding the things you need in your new apartment or house once you start unpacking. There are two effective methods for this problem. For each member of the household, pack one suitcase or backpack in which you will pack all the necessary necessities. So anything that you or your family member use on daily bases such as a toothbrush and pillowcase. Keep these suitcases separate from the rest of the things you plan to move. Similarly, make an “open me first” moving box for each room. You can mark this box with a red marker instead of a black one. That box should contain all the necessary things you want to know where they are the moment you move in. This will make your move so much easier and more comfortable.

Don’t bring things you don’t need

Most of the time before the move you will spend on packing and unpacking. So if you haven’t used something in years, then maybe you should just get rid of it. Try to find balance and think clearly what items you don’t really need. It may be like a true house de-toxication. And trust us, this process will free your mind and your soul.

Schedule the move to Montgomery County as soon as possible

Call and book your relocation date as early as possible. Remember that time is a key factor for any move, so plan your move in advance. This will give you time to plan your relocation better and to pack in the best possible way.

Measure bulky items and if they will fit into your new place

Don’t forget to measure your refrigerator, washing machine, closet, sofa, and other bulky items, whether they will fit in your new living space. And not only that. Measure the entrance to the building, as well as to the apartment, hallways, and other narrow passages, and make sure that your belongings will be able to fit. Good luck!

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