How to spot a lowball moving quote

There is nothing more important during a move than knowing how to spot a lowball moving quote. That way, you will be able to get the correct price for your move. Imagine moving from Philadelphia to New York and paying two times the real amount? That would not be good for your moving budget. Moreover, you probably would not be able to relocate properly after that. So, you should try to avoid low-balling at all costs. Here are some ideas about how to manage to do so.

How to spot a lowball moving quote the right way?

There are some ways you can spot a lowball moving quote. So, before you set your moving budget, you might want to do some research about how moving companies work. That way, you will have an overall idea about the relocation price. Moreover, here is what you can also check out:

  • Talk to your moving company. You should find a professional moving company first and not a fraudulent one. For example, you can talk to some of the best Philadelphia movers to get an overall idea about what is a moving estimate. That way, you can see if you are doing something wrong. Moreover, if another moving company offers you a drastically different relocation price, you should avoid it at all costs.
  • Hiring only professional companies. Now, when it comes to hiring professional moving companies, you will need to keep several things on your mind. First and foremost, your moving company should have a clearly-defined location and all necessary information. Only professional companies provide all of that and it is easy to check out if it is true or not. So, before signing a moving contract, make sure that you are actually hiring a legitimate moving company. Believe us, it will help you a lot if you manage to find one easily.
A jar of money
Make sure to prepare your finances well

What else to think about?

There are some other things you should think about when this is concerned. For example, you should be really careful when you are handling packing supplies for your relocation. Some people might try to charge you way more than they are actually worth. This is what you should try to avoid at all costs as well. There are plenty of ways someone can lowball you, so make sure that you keep your guard up at all times.

Two people making a deal
Make sure to make a good deal and not to get lowballed

When it comes to avoiding bad moving quotes, all you need to do is to check the average price of relocation in your area. Of course, you can find some really affordable movers, but you can also find some really expensive ones. Not every expensive mover will try to lowball you, but some of them will. Do not let that happen at any point during your relocation.

What to do when you spot a lowball moving quote?

When you spot a lowball moving quote, make sure to avoid that moving company. No reputable moving company would ever try to lowball their clients. More importantly, no professional moving company would make steep prices only for their personal benefit. Learn how to discern between the reputable companies and non-reputable ones and you will be fine. Good luck!

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