How to pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ move?

When moving, it is important to you that your valuables remain undamaged. Whether you are moving a few streets away in New Jersey or to another city or state, you need to pack all your belongings adequately. This is especially important when it comes to works of art. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to them during the move. You can try to pack all the things yourself, but it is safer if you leave it to experienced moving companies. Superior Moving and Storage are professionals in their field and with them, you will not have to think about how to pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ move. However, if you still want to try it yourself, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Things you need to prepare before you start packing your art pieces

If you want to pack your art properly, first you need to prepare some items. Here are the things you should acquire:

  • Find adequate packaging boxes
  • Use a bubble wrap or packing paper
  • Protect fragile parts
  • Mark the boxes
  • Seek the help of professionals
  • Consider securing artwork
Men trying to pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ move
Use reliable and adequate packaging material such as wrapping paper.

Find adequate boxes to pack your art pieces

When packing any items for moving, and especially when packing artwork, you need to find adequate boxes. If you’re not sure which box is right for packing for moving from PA to NJ, don’t worry. For most things, you need to choose a box that is only slightly larger than your artwork. This is important so that you can pack it nicely and protect it from all sides.

Remember that for different works of art you need to get different boxes. It is important to make sure that the boxes are large and sturdy enough, but not too big. If the box is too large, items will have too much room to move inside the box and a greater chance of being damaged during transport. On the other hand, if the box is a button, you will not have room to protect the artwork well before putting it in it. For larger and heavier sculptures, you need to find wooden boxes to make sure they will be adequately protected.

If you can’t find empty boxes, all you need to do is contact moving companies. They will be happy to help you and provide the necessary packaging material, and you can also hire them to finish everything for you.

Use a bubble wrap to pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ move

Before you pack your artwork in moving boxes, you need to protect them. For this, it is best to use bubble wrap or wrapping paper. If it is a larger art sculpture, you need to fill the box with wrapping paper, before you put it in the box, and then add the paper over. For some others, such as art vases, it is better to cover them with bubble wraps before packing them in the box for moving. Then you can tape them well, and add more paper to the box. Small 3D sculptures can be too delicate to be wrapped in a bubble wrap. So you can put them in plastic zip bags and additionally protect them with paper or some textiles. For individual pieces, you can also use blankets or kitchen towels that you will put in the box to effectively saturate them.

Protect fragile parts

If you want to pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ move, it is necessary to pay special attention to all fragile parts that could be damaged during the move. When it comes to packaging framed paintings or canvases you need to take care to secure the fragile parts well. Cover the frame glass with adhesive tape from corner to corner in X to keep it from breaking.

The woman writes on the box.
Make sure you write on the box that the items are fragile.

If the glass accidentally breaks, this will save it from breaking and damaging the painting. Then stick brown protective paper over the front of the picture and place protective cards on the corners. Then wrap the whole picture in bubble wrap. Place the wrapped picture in a box (preferably wooden) that is the right size for it. Tape each edge of the box tightly to further protect it.

Mark the boxes after packing

When you have packed art pieces efficiently to move to NJ, take care to label them properly. On each box write what is inside, which side goes up, and most importantly emphasize that it is fragile. If all this seems too much work for you to do on yourself, you always can hire movers Cherry Hill NJ to pack your belongings. Experienced moving professionals will pack all your sensitive items with ease and in the safest way to avoid the slightest chance of damage during the move.

Seek the help of professionals to pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ relocation

Sometimes some works of art are too valuable and sensitive to pack yourself. Or you just have too much work to do and don’t have time to do it yourself. Then it is best to seek the help of some professional moving companies NJ. They will bring all the packing material and make sure they pack everything efficiently so that it can be safely transported to your new home. If you have decided to store your works of art, it is also important to protect them well.

Sculpture in a box protected by wrapping paper.
You can leave it to the professionals to pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ move.

Consider taking insurance from damaging

No matter how effectively you pack art pieces for your relocation in NJ, unforeseen circumstances can still occur and something can be damaged. That is why it is always best to hire a moving company because they are experienced in relocations and you reduce the possibility of damage. As well as to pay insurance for damage in transport. That way you will be sure that even if something is damaged you will be paid.

Follow these tips to pack art pieces efficiently for your NJ move. You will pack your artwork quickly and effortlessly, and move without stress. Good luck!

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