Top 5 hidden gems to visit in Philadelphia

We know that relocation can be pretty tedious. However, there’s no reason to worry about your move. Superior Moving and Storage is here to help you move without any hassle to your new home. All it takes is one phone call. On the other hand, if you plan to move to Philadelphia, there are some things you need to prepare for. For instance, it would be good to learn something about your future city, such as what are hidden gems to visit in Philadelphia. Stay with us to learn more about your relocation!

Moving to Philadelphia – the home of Rocky

First of all, you need to know some Phili facts. Besides the fact that it’s home to Rocky, the legendary fictional movie character, it’s also famous for other things. Whether you’re moving there alone or with your family, it has so much to offer. On the other hand, make sure you get in touch with apartment movers Philadelphia to book your move on time. Now we can move on to describing Philadelphia as we see it.

Philadelphia skyline facing museum
Make sure you visit more than just the gems we are about to mention.

To continue, Philadelphia is number #6 on the list of most populous cities in all of the USA. Nevertheless, it’s not as crowded or messy as in other metropolises. To be honest, Phili isn’t as expensive as other great cities which is a good thing. Moreover, it has a fair number of neighborhoods. That will help you choose the perfect one for you and your family.

Do not miss these gems

So, before we dig into Phili’s gems, let’s look into some of the best things that adorn this city:

  • Housing prices are relatively low – Unlike other big cities, this is the one that makes Phili very popular. You will easily find the perfect house for you and your family.
  • There are tons of outdoor activities and most of them are free – For example, you can simply walk by the shore and enjoy local food. Moreover, there are summer festivals and carnival rides that are awesome.
  • The transportation system is great – You will see that public transport is great but so is the bike route. Also, you can almost walk to any place you like in Phili. It’s a big city but it’s also very walkable.
  • There are many monuments and historic sites – You probably knew that Phili is the place where Americans gained their freedom. Therefore, you will see a lot of historic landmarks that remind you of that and not only the Rocky statue.
  • It has a great education system – You will see that Philadelphia has a great education system and excellent schools. Moreover, it also has great colleges to choose from.

Are there any hidden gems to visit in Philadelphia?

To be honest, there are many places in Phili you should visit. This does not refer only to its hidden gems. You will see for yourself once you move there. In case you get too busy discovering hidden gems to visit in Philadelphia, our last minute movers Philadelphia can relocate you in a blink of an eye. On the other hand, we would like to list some memorable places in Phili you must visit:

  • Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Independence Hall
  • The Franklin Institute
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Reading Terminal Market
  • Liberty Bell

What are the best things to visit in Philadelphia?

Now it’s time to list some of the best things to visit in Philadelphia! Are you excited? Because we are and we would like to share that experience with you. And, if you want to search through storage units Philadelphia, get to it. Later on, you can check what are the best places Phili has to offer:

  1. Penn Treaty Park
  2. The Shofuso House
  3. Dutch
  4. Bartram’s Garden
  5. The Ranstead Room

#1 Penn Treaty Park

There is a legend behind this park. According to it, Phili’s founder William Penn signed a treaty of peace with the Lenape tribe just on the site where this fantastic and popular park is located today. Today, it’s a great place to enjoy evening strolls with your dogs, as well as to spend time by the waterfront that park has.

Philadelphia areal view of the city
There is nothing as exciting as visiting those hidden gems in Phili!

#2 The Shofuso House

This place is actually a 17th-century-style Japanese House and Garden. It is placed in Phili’s West Fairmount Park. It’s actually built as a gift that symbolizes Japanese and American friendship that lasts ever since 1953. The Shofuso House was first built and placed within the Museum of Modern Art but later moved and redecorated the way it looks today.

#3 Dutch

A small, yet great restaurant that is authentic in every way. It’s referred to as a favorite neighborhood spot and we believe you will think so as well. Dutch is popular for its breakfast and brunch menu which will make water pour down your mouth. Make sure you check out the place.

#4 Bartram’s Garden

The oldest national botanical garden in North America awaits your visit! Yet another amazing hidden gem to visit in Philadelphia that you mustn’t miss! You will have a passage to the tidal river and wetlands as well as a laboratory and an outdoor classroom. Founded in 1728 by botanist John Bartram, it is now one of the most precious pieces of land in the USA.

#5 The Ranstead Room

Probably the place in Phili that has the tastiest cocktails is The Ranstead Room. A smooth-looking classy lounge modeled right after the Prohibition era took its toll it is one of the best places to visit here. Although it is a bit tricky to find, you will see it’s worth finding once you get there.

Phili at sunset above river
As for the photos of hidden gems, you will have to check them out yourself. They are not easy to find.

Settling in after finding out more about hidden gems to visit in Philadelphia

Well, finally, you found out about 5 hidden gems to visit in Philadelphia. It’s time to settle in the city of Philadelphia after moving there. You will see that life is beautiful especially when visiting those Phili’s gems. Therefore, grab your bags, call your movers, and hit the road. You will see what we mean! Good luck with your relocation and contact us in case you need anything.

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