What not to pack when moving to Pennsylvania

Moving to Pennsylvania is a big step. Of course, depending on the country that you are coming from, it can be perceived as a slight or a grand change. But in any case, various moving steps need to be carefully planned. During all this planning, rethinking, and struggling we often tend to forget something. Usually, we get so carried away with packing that we forget about the items that we should not bring to the country we are moving to. We make extensive lists of what to pack, but we rarely consider the opposite. That is why we made a list of what not to pack when moving to Pennsylvania. Many items from this list, moving companies in Pennsylvania won’t move. So it is good to know about them in advance.

Categories of items you should leave behind when moving to Pennsylvania

There are various categories of items you should not pack when moving to Pennsylvania. We bring you the most significant ones.

a woman deciding what not to pack when moving to Pennsylvania
When moving it is important to decide what not to pack

Forbidden items

The first category of items you should not bring with you to Pennsylvania is the forbidden items, of course. There are various reasons why an item should become forbidden. The most common among these are safety reasons. Although, multiple reasons of different nature are present as well. In any way, there are two main categories of forbidden items. They are:

Forbidden by the Pennsylvania state law

Every state has its rules and regulations. Some of these regulations prevent or limit the import and distribution of certain goods. In the case of Pennsylvania those are:

  • Alcohol– import of wine or spirit is limited to one gallon only. Everything above that is subject to origin verification and taxation.
  • Illegal drugs– Pennsylvania has some of the strictest laws in the US against possession and use of illegal drugs.
  • Weapons– You can possess only a few types of guns in Pennsylvania. Make sure to know which are those before considering bringing a gun there.
  • Fireworks– fireworks season is behind us. But in case you wanted to bring some of the remaining fireworks with you to Pennsylvania, you should know that only class C of fireworks is legal there. Everything else is forbidden.
  • Firewood– this probably never even crossed your mind. But in case you were considering it, better abandon this idea. If you try to bring into Pennsylvania any sort of firewood, it will only ruin your relocation day.
a girl sitting in front of pile of firewood
Bringing your own firewood is forbidden in the state of Pennsylvania

Forbidden by moving companies

Certain items are too dangerous to carry in moving vans or trucks and are, therefore, forbidden or avoided transporting. Consult your movers Havertown PA, which of these items, exactly, you should not pack for your move. Some of the generally forbidden moving items include:

  • Any kind of paint or glue– these spills easily and are threatening to damage moving equipment and the rest of your belongings.
  • Explosive materials and pyrotechnics– these are threatening to the moving environment.
  • Kerosine, gasoline, or any fuel in general– movers will refuse to transport the easily flammable substance.
  • Any weapon– while weapon law differs from country to country, movers have universal, aginst weapons rule. So even if you are considering packing your gun, you have to take it with you.
  • Pets– our dearest pets are very sensitive during travel. And so, they don’t belong in moving vans. They are much safer with you.
  • Plants-most movers will refuse to move your plants.

Items not to pack when moving to Pennsylvania to save on space

Next on our list are the items that won’t put you in trouble for carrying them, but are taking too much of your valuable space. At the same time, why would you want to pay for the extra load that is not essential to bring? The best is to contact movers Langhorne PA and get their free moving estimate costs. After that, it will be easier for you to decide on your load.

Bulky items

The first things that should be thrown or given away are the ones that are the easiest to spot. These are the things you can’t miss once you enter your home or office. For example, your old table or office chair that takes too much space. Also, items that can’t be dismantled are not worth packing.

Items you won’t need any longer

Keep in mind that you are starting a new chapter of your life. A new chapter means new furniture. You could use the money you saved from your smart move, to buy the new pieces. Of course, long distance movers Philadelphia understand that you can’t put a price on some of your dearest belongings. And they will be more than happy to take care of those. Not only will they relocate them safely, but they can also help you with protective packaging.  

Easily replaceable items

Last but not least, Pennsylvania is a well-developed country with many industries operating. Food, clothes, furniture, basically anything you can think of can be found in Pennsylvania. It is difficult to imagine an item that can’t be bought there. So keep this in mind while packing. Avoid packing easily replaceable items. Try to segregate your belongings early on to avoid packing the unnecessary clutter. Learn about Pennsylvania events, habits, and shopping centers before your move. It might give you a clearer idea of what to bring with you and what not to pack when moving to Pennsylvania.

a family shopping
What not to pack when moving to Pennsylvania- food

Packing is one of the most difficult parts of every move. Sometimes it is hard to tell what you will need in the future and how your habits might change. Making a packing list can save your day. By the time you start packing, your level of stress can significantly increase. You will have too many things to think about besides packing. However, if you have a packing list, you just need to follow it. Hiring professionals to help you with packing is another solution. Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with getting all the help you can find. And the better informed you get, the lesser chances of making mistakes.

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