7 questions to ask before hiring movers in Maryland

Your move is approaching and the only thing you lack is the right moving company? We think we can help you out with that. Like every important task in life, you’ll need to ask around and search for good reviews if possible. Choosing between moving companies NJ without additional information is extremely hard. For that reason, here are 7 questions to ask before hiring movers in Maryland that will make your search a lot easier. Be persistent as only like that will you be able to find the company that fits your needs the most.

Questions to ask before hiring movers in Maryland – Are you licensed?

One of the first questions you can make to your moving company is if they’re licensed. A good moving company is at least certified by the FMCSA ( The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). This type of license might not guarantee you a high-quality service, but it will at least assure the company isn’t a scam. You’ll need to ask your moving company about their identification number. The federal government assigns those numbers. So if your moving company can’t provide it, consider it a big red flag.

Moving truck
Real moving companies will gladly show you that they are licensed

Moving insurance

Before you start your move to Maryland, you have all the right to ask about insurance. Depending on the type of move you’ll need insurance. For that reason, it’s very important to know every type of insurance available to you. Whether you are hiring local or long-distance movers you want your items to be safe and protected. Here are the two types of insurance companies offer:

  • Released Value Protection – If you’re not moving expensive items this might be the right choice for you. The advantage of this insurance is that it’s free of charge. However, it will not cover the full cost of the damaged item. The movers assume not more than 60 cents per pound of an article, so if you’re moving precious items think twice if you’re good with this type of insurance.
  • Full Value Protection – This plan gives you the least amount of things to worry about. Above all, this insurance covers everything, so if something breaks the mover is responsible. However, you’ll need to pay extra, so check if there’s space for it in the budget.

Accurate estimates

In the worst-case scenario, you can arrive in Maryland with an exaggerated bill. That usually happens because companies give out non-binding estimates. Those aren’t that bad by themselves, but if your company didn’t do a good evaluation it can cost you a lot more than expected. That’s why you can never make a mistake with using movers North East MD as they represent everything a reputable and quality moving company is.

Questions to ask before hiring movers in Maryland – Are there any hidden fees?

People usually think that hidden fees come with scammy companies, but that isn’t always the case. For that reason, it’s very important to get all the information you can directly from the company. One of the questions to ask before hiring movers in Maryland should be about the cost of additional services. For example, some will charge packing services separately from the move itself. On the other hand, other movers will change the price depending on the items they move, or the accessibility of your home.

Bunch of one dollar bills
When hidden fees stack it can add up to a big number in the end

Are you experienced in a certain type of move?

Every type of move comes with its unique challenges. So you shouldn’t feel weird when asking the movers if they have experience in your type of move. It can be a move where your space is very slim or a move where you’re moving multiple pianos and other types of heavy items down multiple sets of stairs. For even more extreme examples, international moving or commercial moving is also very stressful so you want the right people on the job. A reliable moving company won’t feel pressured and will provide you with all the information you need.

Does your company background check its employees is one of the questions to ask before hiring movers in Maryland?

When you’re moving, it’s inevitable that complete strangers will come to your house. Not only that, but they will probably pack your items and drive them away. That’s why it’s important to be upfront and ask your moving company if they do background checks. This definitely helps out the company be on top of the Better Business Bureau list as it gives more trust to the clients. Besides that, your mind will be at ease if you see a company is making sure it hires good working people. For that reason, it won’t be hard for you to make a good decision and hire a company that goes that much into details.

Movers unloading the truck
It’s very important to have certified movers for your job

Shipment tracking

It happens to all of us. You’re waiting for something you ordered and it just isn’t coming. Well, imagine now that instead of a pizza you’re waiting for all your belongings to arrive at your new home. It will be so easy to panic and get nervous. For that reason, it’s a good idea to ask your moving company if they have shipment tracking available. Some companies will offer GPS tracking as a service, but not every single mover will have it available. So why not pick the phone up and ask them directly?

Dealing with moving companies can get stressful and uncomfortable. But only by asking around will you find the right fit. If you have prepared questions to ask before hiring movers in Maryland the process will get a lot easier. You’ll know how to compare moving companies and will recognize potential red flags easily. From the basic information that helps you determine if the company is genuine, to asking questions that are more intertwined with your move, every small bit of information can help you find the best movers for you.

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