Tips for organizing an overnight relocation

Have you just found out that you have to move urgently? While moving overnight might not be the ideal situation, it is something that has been achieved before! Movers Princeton NJ can help you realize overnight relocation. The key to success is staying calm. If you start panicking, you’ll easily get lost and not know what to do, therefore losing valuable time that you need to spend packing. With our tips and professional help, your overnight relocation will be a breeze. To find out how to approach organizing an overnight relocation keep on reading!

organizing an overnight relocation
Professional movers are your best bet when you’re organizing an overnight relocation.

The immediate reaction is the key to organizing an overnight relocation

Start your preparation as soon as you can. As moving is a very complicated process, there’s no time to waste. Whether you’re moving from PA to NJ, or locally, you will need professional help. That’s why the first step is to find a reliable moving company and contact it. They have a lot of experience with last-minute relocation, and hiring professional moving services is your best bet in having a successful move. Do everything you can to make the process easier for movers – clean out the hallways, pack the art, or separate the fragile items. The more you do now, the faster the process will be over. 

Turn to the organizational tools

You need to stay organized during a chaotic event like this. The best way to do it is to write a to-do list and get to work. Things that should be found on your to-do list when you’re organizing an overnight relocation:

  • Sorting personal belongings
  • Throwing out the items that I don’t want anymore
  • Getting packing materials
  • Packing my belongings
  • Labeling the boxes

There won’t be a lot of time to declutter, but if you come across something that you would like to throw out, place it in one corner that’s you will cleanout. You can rent packing materials from the moving company, that way you also won’t have to worry about getting rid of those materials after you’ve moved. You can also use items that you have around the house as packing boxes – use the suitcases, drawers, any box or bag that you can find. Be creative, witty, and resourceful!

Ask your friends and family for help

Many people need help when they’re dealing with a move that they have months to prepare for. When it comes to last-minute overnight relocations, you should alert your friends and family that you need help. Assign tasks to everyone who shows up, and give them instructions. Ask them to bring the equipment, tools and materials.  If you have small rooms, have around two people in each room to keep the process optimized. Invite only people that can help you and that’s won’t make this process harder for you.

man and woman packing
Make sure that you have all the hands on deck when you’re dealing with an overnight relocation.

Be resourceful when organizing an overnight relocation

Take a few boxes and use them to pack the items that you’ll need in the first few days after the relocation. Label the boxes, and place the toiletries, some clothes, and important items inside. When you go to the new place, you’ll find comfort in knowing that you have boxes that contain items specifically for your next couple of days. Having to search for them through the numerous boxes that you have will only stress you out even more. As you can see, organizing an overnight relocation isn’t complicated, but it requires all hands on deck!

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