Tips for finding budget-friendly packing materials

Moving can be stressful, difficult, and expensive. But there are some ways to cut expenses. Organizing a move requires packing supplies, moving trucks, movers, and storage units. All of this can be very expensive. When moving, packing takes the most of your time and you need a lot of packing supplies. There is the chance to reduce your moving expenses by finding budget-friendly packing materials. For the rest of the tasks, you can hire one of the best moving companies Maryland residents recommend and let them help you. When it comes to packing supplies, here are some ways you can save on packing materials.

Make a plan and figure out how much packing supplies do you need

To make it easier to decide how much packing materials you need, you should first decide what to pack. This is a good moment to declutter your home. You do not want to waste your money buying too many packing supplies. That is why you should decide first what to pack and which packing supplies you will be needing. The more you have to pack the more packing supplies you will need. Go through your stuff and divide your items into few groups.

woman using laptop in a mess
Start decluttering to estimate how much packing supplies you will be needing.

Make a group of items that you will keep, toss, sell, or store. Items that are in good condition can be sold or you can give them to some friends and family. If you have a lot of items to keep, you can contact your movers and ask them for storage services. In that way, your items will be safe until you need them again. Once you decide what to pack you can start looking for packing materials. You will be needing a lot of cardboard boxes, plastic bins, packing tapes, packing paper, furniture sliders, moving blankets, etc.

Ways to find some packing materials

When preparing for the move, you will be needing mostly cardboard boxes. They are convenient for packing clothes, books, furniture, appliances, etc. So, you will give the most of your money on buying boxes. But there are some ways to save some money and not to spend a fortune on cardboard boxes:

  • you can rent them
  • reuse the boxes you already have ( if they are in good condition)
  • use some boxes that you have kept after buying something
  • visit some stores, warehouses and ask for some free boxes
  • visit a one-dollar store
  • or, you can get creative – find and use some budget-friendly packing materials

One of the good things about cardboard is that it can easily be reused. So, if you have saved some boxes after buying some furniture, appliances, or some other items, you can reuse them. Most of us order a lot of things online, and as a result, we end up with plenty of boxes at home. If you know that you have an upcoming move, start storing the boxes you receive instead of recycling them or throwing them away. Find a place in your home to store them so they don’t get damaged. Maybe, in the end, you will have enough boxes so you will not have to buy or rent them at all, and you will save a lot of money like that.

cardboard boxes
If you have saved some boxes you can reuse them now.

Try to find free boxes if you can

Also, you can contact some local businesses, stores, cafes, grocery stores, or some warehouses and ask for some free boxes. Most of them want to get rid of the unnecessary boxes after unpacking their inventory, so they will be probably glad to give them to you. They may also leave some other useful materials for you, such as plastic or bubble bags and packing paper. You can ask your friends or family for some boxes too. Also, you can ask at your work for some boxes. You must be receiving some office materials like pens, printing paper, or paper clips. So there will be some empty boxes after unpacking that.

Budget-friendly packing materials – rent or buy for a dollar

You can visit a one-dollar shop in order to find some cheap packing materials. Don’t call some big stores and businesses right away, you can visit some of these small stores. You would be surprised with what you can find in a one-dollar shop. Instead of buying tons of cardboard boxes that you are just going to throw out and that can get damaged, you can save money by renting reusable plastic containers, too. So, there are some ways, you just need to think of them.

using suitcases
You can use suitcases to pack your belongings.

Budget-friendly packing materials

If you want to save up some money when moving, be creative. You do not need to buy all the packing supplies. You can use some other ways to pack your belongings. Here are some ideas:

  • Use suitcases and duffle bags. Pack up clothes and bedding in your suitcases – you will save some money and will be easier to move them. Suitcases are very practical for moving because their wheels allow you to move heavy items easily.
  • You do not have to empty your dressers when moving. Use your drawers as efficient packing containers. Do not forget to secure them in plastic stretch or tape up each drawer individually.
  • Garbage bags – Maybe they are not that cheap packing materials, but they are excellent for hauling your belongings. You can pack inside of them your bedding, clothes, towels, etc. Never pack anything fragile in a garbage bag.
  • You can use linens and towels to wrap and cushion breakable or sharp items just as you would use packing paper or bubble bag.

When you have packed everything, you can contact some movers Elkton MD residents usually recommend and let them relocate your belongings. You will want your items to be safely transported and that is why you should hire professionals.

Budget-friendly packing materials aren’t necessarily hard to find but you need to look and ask around. Follow these tips and save some money while relocating.

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