7 reasons to hire piano movers for your NJ move

Once you decide to relocate, it is possible to transport all of your household belongings with little help. Sometimes the aid of friends and family is enough to pack everything. Unfortunately, if we have big furniture, it can be a struggle even with the assistance of moving companies NJ. Especially, if you have to move a piano. It does not matter if it is across the street or a long distance. Because the challenges are the same. And if you try to do it by yourself, you might get injured or damage the instrument. To help you avoid accidents, here are 7 reasons to hire piano movers for your NJ move.

Get help from piano movers for your NJ move because they are heavy

Out of all the instruments, pianos are the heaviest. Since there is a lot more going on than you can see, plenty of people underestimate their weight. And they try to move them without professional help. But West Chester PA movers know that you need to have experience with handling heavy items to transport piano safely. For example, the lightest piano weighs about 400 pounds. And the grand concert pianos can go up to 1300 pounds. It is because they are not only made out of wood. They have internal parts built out of cast iron.

inside of the piano
A piano is heavier than it looks because inside there are a lot of metallic parts

Pianos are pretty oversized and you will need professional movers to assist you

When you have large and heavy furniture, the usual strategy is to dismantle them. Because in pieces, it is easier to pack and load them into a truck. Unfortunately, this is impossible to do with a piano. Except possibly its legs, there are no removable parts. One other thing movers North East MD know well is that the weight of the piano is not evenly distributed. Therefore if you do not have the experience, you might let it slip and injure yourself. And other people helping you. Not to mention all the maneuvering you will have to do with steps and around the corners.

They are quite expensive so you better hire skilled piano movers for your NJ relocation

The cost of the piano, like with any other instrument, can vary a lot. And that means is that the price of the cheapest one you can buy is around just a few hundred dollars. And the more professional ones can go for up to a couple hundred thousand dollars. Therefore it is not an instrument that you can treat lightly. For the relocation, it should be professionally packed, so that it is protected for transport. Otherwise, it can end up scratched or more seriously damaged. Unfortunately, those damages are often such that you cannot fix them easily. Not to mention that once you move it, the tuning can also cost a few hundred dollars. So consider hiring professional packing services Philadephia to help you out.


They have sentimental value

Unlike your other furniture, pianos have a sentimental value that puts them in the class way above others. So unlike your other pieces, you do care if something happens to your most valued instrument. Not to mention that you leaving it behind is out of the question. Because a lot of times the pianos people own are there for generations. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you hire the best piano movers for your NJ move. Because you want to have a guaranty that they will take care of it to the best of their abilities.

mother and child playing a piano
Hire piano movers for your NJ move because this instrument has unmeasurable sentimental value

Pianos are quite fragile so it is good to have the assistance of piano relocators when you move to NJ

Even though they look strong and sturdy, pianos are anything but that. The outside wooden frame is not very good for the protection of the inside parts. The bigger the piano and the more expansive it is, the more mechanical parts it has. A regular grand piano has around 7000 internal parts. And that means that it is much more fragile. So you need to avoid moving it by yourself. Piano movers will make sure that all the parts are protected and safe for transport. Because people often forget to secure the keys. And it is just a headache to replace them.

To move the piano you will need special equipment

Sometimes it happens that the stairs of your new home are not big enough to maneuver a full-sized piano. Therefore you should find an alternative solution. One of them is to dismantle it. But the more expansive ones do not have so many removable parts. Thus for the grand piano, there is only one option left, loading it through the window. And that entails a lot of equipment that only professional movers have. Also, they are the ones with the most experience in using it.


You can get injured if you try to move the piano alone

Because it is so heavy and bulky piano, is not a thing you should move alone. But even with the help of friends, there might be problems that you will not know how to solve. And those problems can cause accidents that can lead to injuries. Since moving injuries often cause a lot of back and spine damage, you should not move it without the help of professionals. In most cases, those spinal injuries are there for life and that is after several operations you need to have. Therefore when moving a piano, enlist the help of veteran experts.

one hand taping an injured finger
With professional piano movers, you will be protected from injuries

With professional piano movers for your NJ move your instrument is in safe hands

Piano movers for your NJ move will make sure to pack your instruments to the highest standards. Because they know how much sentimental value it has for the owner. And unlike other furniture you can leave behind and buy a replacement in one of the New Jersey stores, this one is irreplaceable. Thus with proper equipment, they will carefully load and unload your piano. And make sure there are no scratches or damages. With a bit of tuning, you will be enjoying music in your new home in no time.

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