The most romantic places to get married in Maryland

Many women dream of their perfect wedding for years before it actually happens. When you tie the knot, you want everything to be perfect and go as smoothly as possible. However, one of the hardest challenges is finding the right venue and the right place to make your dreams a reality. Lucky for you, today we talk about romantic places to get married in Maryland. There is a wide range of options when it comes to venus in the state of Maryland, and we are going to guide you through some of them. Living together prior to tying the knot is more and more common. So, if you plan on moving together to Maryland, consider hiring a professional moving company, like Superior Moving and Storage. By having a professional company to help you relocate, you can focus more on planning your future wedding properly and without distractions.

What are the most romantic places to get married in Maryland?

Maryland is the melting pot of different cultures and ideas. Therefore, finding the right place to walk down the aisle in this state will not be a hard task. However, how do you know which one to choose out of the large array of options? Well, that is why we are here. Historic locations, waterside venues, sophisticated venues, inns, and resorts are just some, out of many other locations at which you can choose to tie the knot.

a newly wedded couple holding hands after getting married in one of the most romantic places to get married in Maryland
There are so many great wedding venues in Maryland that you will have a hard time choosing the best one

The biggest advantage of finding a location to get married in the state of Maryland is that most of these venues, come with a wedding planner. This means that, by choosing the right venue, you can also receive a helping hand for the preparation. So, if you are moving to Maryland before the wedding, contact movers North East MD to relocate you so you can start planning.

1840’s Plaza, Baltimore

Do you want to have an “old fashion” wedding? This plaza in Baltimore offers an amazing feeling of the 1840 and provides you and your partner with amazing options for your big day. For example, you can choose from several different spaces in which you want to hold the reception. Furthermore, you can opt to have the wedding itself in the landscape garden at 1840s Plaza and then simply continue to the ballroom for the reception. This plaza is a city landmark and offers a great wedding location for those that want to add a little bit of history to their wedding. Additionally, if you opt for this location, you can choose a caterer of your choice. Moreover, you will receive a wedding planner to help you grasp the entire process much easier.

Big Cork Vineyards, Rohrersville

Many women dream of a stunning outdoor wedding reception. Luckily, the Big Cork Vineyards offers a stunning location next to vineyards and mountains for an outdoor wedding. Whether you are having a big or small wedding, you can easily book it here. Furthermore, you can even opt to rent the venue for the entire weekend and hold rehearsals, as well as spend your first wedding night there.

a couple having their first kiss as newly wedded at the mountainside
Whether you prefer to have an outdoor or indoor wedding, Big Cork Vineyards have options for you

However, if you do love the atmosphere, but are not sure if you want to hold the reception outside, there is a solution. Namely, aside from holding an outside reception, this offers a great, rustic barrel-lined venue cellar. So, whether you want a small or a big wedding or you want it outside or inside, the options of Big Cork Vineyards make it one of the most romantic places to get married in Maryland. So, if you plan on moving, contact moving companies Maryland to do it properly before your big day.

Most romantic places to get married in Maryland: Celebrations at the Bay, Pasadena

Did you ever want to tie the knot on a bay? If so, this is your golden ticket to do it. Namely, Celebrations at the Bay are located right on the edge of Chesapeake Bay. This makes it an ideal location for an outdoor wedding next to the body of water. In addition, the venue itself has over 30 years of experience with hosting weddings and receptions. So, immerse yourself in this all-inclusive bayside wedding that will directly overlook the bay itself. Furthermore, you can also choose whether you desire an outdoor or an indoor wedding. Moreover, in regards to choices, you can choose:

  • The Tented Vista Ballroom – It can take up to 300 people and is perfect for larger weddings
  • Chesapeake Ballroom – Can take up to 150 people but offers a floor-to-ceiling view of the bay
  • A full wedding package – This package includes venue rent, food, drinks, decor, etc.

Glen Ellen Farm, Ijamsville

There are different things people want for their wedding day. Some people would love a big wedding in the heart of the city. However, other people would prefer to celebrate their wedding in nature. If you are one of these people, Glen Ellen Farm is the ideal place for you. This Ijamsville family farm offers a great solution for those that would love to tie the knot in nature. Moreover, the farm is near a pond which allows you and your future spouse to take breathtaking photographs.

a bride and a groom walking through the grassy field
An outdoor nature wedding is something Glen Ellen Farms specialize in, but they have other options as well

Additionally, the venue allows you to either choose your own planners and caterers or they can provide them for you. So, whether you are looking for an elegant, casual, or a reception with a theme, this is the right place to do it. With the surrounding nature and endless possibilities, you and your partner will surely have the wedding of your dreams here.

There is so much more to choose from in Maryland

Maryland has, it seems, an endless array of options when it comes to wedding venues. In this article, we were talking about some of the finest and most romantic places to get married in Maryland, but there is so much more. We understand that your wedding needs to be perfect and exactly how you envision it. To make this a reality, you should condone your own research if none of our suggestions suffice. Furthermore, if you plan on moving to the state before you decide to tie the know, consider hiring movers Elkton MD.

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