The costs of renting storage in Pennsylvania

Are you moving to Pennsylvania soon and you’re curious about the costs of renting storage? Superior Moving & Storage is here to help you decipher the sometimes complicated renting storage prices. Having a storage space to place all your items in is usually necessary, especially when you’re preparing for interstate or a cross-country move. If you’re downsizing, the storage space can also be very helpful. You should be able to objectively assess your needs for the storage, and then decide which size you need. Different sized costs differently, of course, which is why choosing the appropriate storage space for your needs is a crucial step. In the end, you can always upgrade to the bigger storage if you find out that the one you rented was too small. Keep on reading to find out more about storage spaces and the costs of renting storage in Pennsylvania!

Why should I rent the storage at all?

Many people are turning to self-storage containers these days. All of these situations require you to get familiar with the costs of renting storage in Pennsylvania:

    •  Maybe you’re looking for a safe and secure facility because you’re moving long-distance, say, you’re moving from Philadelphia to New York,  
    • Or you’re simply downsizing. Renting storage has many upsides to it. You may be tempted to try and push everything into your apartment, though. Sometimes having your items in the storage will also show you that you didn’t need them at all!
    • Maybe you’re showcasing your home for sale and need some items to be moved from the site for the time being. 
    • Storage spaces are safe and if you choose the one at the facility, they’re clean and video surveillance
    • They can give you more time to decide what to do with certain items 

      costs of renting storage in Pennsylvania
      Costs of renting storage in Pennsylvania vary from company to company and they’re affected by the storage size.

Which size of storage do I need?

Estimating how many packing boxes do you need for your items is crucial for deciding which size of the storage units you need. Costs of renting storage in Pennsylvania, or anywhere for that matter, changes with the size of the storage that you rent. People usually struggle with choosing the proper storage size. That’s because they aren’t sure which items they want to put in the storage in the first place. In the end, they upgrade the size. To make sure you get the appropriate storage size, declutter and prepare all of your items for storage so you don’t find yourself in this situation.

Carefully evaluating the size of the storage that you need can save you additional costs down the road.

Costs of renting storage in Pennsylvania

Many movers, including West Chester PA movers will gladly help you find the perfect storage unit for you if you give them a call. Take a look at the general costs of renting storage in Pennsylvania. But, remember to check the price with the company that you’re renting the storage unit from. Usually, the cheapest and smallest (5×5) storage units in Philadelphia go around 20$. In Harrisburg, it’s more expensive, the cheapest storage for around 35$, while Pittsburg is maybe a little bit cheaper. Those small storage units, 5×5, can go up to around 70$, depending on where you rent them from. If you have to upgrade to, let’s say, the next unit size – 5×10, you’ll have to add at least 20$ at the current price, but also, depending on where you rent from, the difference in the price can go up to 50$. As you can see, the costs of renting storage in Pennsylvania are fairly high. Choose wisely! 

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