Most affordable neighborhoods in Philadelphia

Moving your home to Philadelphia can be a great decision, no matter why you want to relocate here. You will find everything that you need in this amazing state, no matter how old you are and what are your general preferences. But, moving your home can be quite expensive, and sometimes, people move to other places because they are more affordable. So, you have to know what are the most affordable neighborhoods in Philadelphia. This way, you can be sure that everything will be more than fine. And, with a moving company like Superior Moving & Storage, you will have nothing to worry about. Relax and let professional movers move your home completely stress-free. Choose your new city and move with the help of our reliable moving professionals. You can then start your new life.

Finding the most affordable neighborhoods in Philadelphia is important for you and your family

If you decided to make sure that your move is going to be fun and exciting, you still have to remember that affordability is the key. That is why you also have to find out what are the most affordable areas in Philadelphia. If you know what they are, you will be able to afford everything you need for yourself and your family without any issues. If you ever decide that moving from Philadelphia to  New York is a great idea, think again. New York City is one of the most expensive places you can choose to live in. So, you should make sure that you have all the information before starting your journey to this amazing place.

most affordable neighborhoods in Philadelphia
You will love living in Philadelphia, you just need to find a place for you

But, when looking for the right city to move your home to, you should not just look at the costs of living and real estate there. You also have to make sure that you actually like living there. Every city has some kind of lifestyle or activity that is more obvious than the others. This includes things like nature spots, clubs, fine-dine places, sports and recreating spots, schools, museums, and alike. So, once you have a list of affordable places, go ahead and choose the ones you like the most and relocate your home there. With reliable long distance movers Philadephia, you will have no issues moving in no time.

More ways to save while moving your home

But, finding out what are the most affordable neighborhoods is not the end of it. You also have many different ways to save your money. This includes selling the things that you don’t need. You can even decide that you don’t want to sell the things that you don’t need and that the best option is to try donating them to the Red Cross, for example. You can also use second-hand moving boxes for items that are not fragile.

a home
There are many ways to save your money while moving as well

Instead of using a storage unit in Philadelphia, you can just get rid of the items that you are not using, or store them in your new home. You might think that asking your friends and family to help you move is a better idea than hiring movers, but the thing is that with friends and family helping out, the chances are that something will get damaged in the process. So, make sure you have professionals by your side. This way, everything will be moved safely and you won’t have to replace anything.

What are the most affordable neighborhoods in Philadelphia?

Once you decided to move to Philadelphia, you will quickly realize that there are many affordable, yet beautiful and amazing neighborhoods for you to choose from. That is why you can be sure that everything will be more than fine as soon as you get here. Not just that you will have many things to do and amazing places to visit, you will also be living in the place you always dreamed of! So, here are some of the best places to move to:

  • Richmond- With a population of 43,954, the median home price is $92,369 and the median income is $41,396
  • Marconi Plaza-Packer Park- It has a population of 5,804 and is a truly affordable part of Philadelphia. You will love living here. The median home price is $105,150, and the median income is $69,608
  • Harrowgate– Here, the population is 17,456. The median home price is $48,963, and the median income is $23,871.
  • Haddington-Carroll Park– Population 35,068. Median home price is $68,396 and median income is $28,706.
  • Wissanoning– Population is 27,190, and the median home price is $108,379. The median income is $44,320.
  • Oak Lane– This neighborhood has a population of 42,412, a median income of $42,352, and a median home price of $135,242.
  • Tioga-Nicetown- The median home price is $58,569, the median income is $24,935. Population is 17,382.
  • Elmwood- The median income is $36,424, the median home price is $90,648 and the population is 24,891.
  • Alleghany West- The median income is $25,196, the median home price is $48,477. Population is 18,676.
  • Eastwick- Population is 10,284. The median home price is $107,470 and the median income is $39,122.

You will find the right place in no time

When moving to Philadelphia, you can be sure that you will find the right place to live in. There will be nothing to worry about and all your need to do is get all the important information and make sure you have enough time to choose. Once you choose your new neighborhood, you will find your new home in no time. You can relax and take your time.

a house
Take your time and you will move to your dream home in no time

The important thing is that you visit every single one of these neighborhoods before you start your move, so you can be sure that you have all the information and that you know just what is each neighborhood like. You can then start looking for your perfect new home and everything else you might need. You will surely have a great time. It’s much easier now that you know what are the most affordable neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

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