How to negotiate a relocation package with success

In the era of opportunities chase, shifting your home for better work conditions has become a norm. At the same time, a lot of employers offer great relocation packages. It is not only a way to attract the best experts to work for them. But, it is a matter of prestige and company reputation as well. Moving companies NJ are also very well up to date with the procedures. Considering all this, use this timing to negotiate a relocation package that is just perfect for you. There are a few ways to do this.

What should a standard relocation package include?

Let’s start with the things to expect from a usual relocation package. Of course, your employer may not include some of the items from this list. Also, in your case, they might add some different ones. This depends greatly on the employment type and the company. Keep in mind that movers north east MD have the relocation services you need.

a women unpacking her sofa
A standard relocation package has to include home relocation

Standard relocation package includes:

Visa arrangement

If you are moving from overseas, without a valid visa for you and your family members, there is no way you will be able to come and work. Of course, your new company should be aware of this. It is their job to help you with getting the appropriate visas.

Moving arrangement

Moving costs are what every hiring company must be willing to cover. It is the basic part of your relocation deal. None of the employers can’t expect you to leave your home without arranging this minimum. You are sacrificing your comfort zone and security for the sake of new employment. For this reason, your moving arrangement should include moving services like:

  • long or short-distance relocation costs
  • packing and unpacking services
  • specialty services Philadelphia, in case you have some fragile valuables
  • last minute services, and similar

Selling of the old and buying of a new house

Believe it or not, this is your employer’s responsibility too. Covering the difference between the last-minute buy and the urgent sell is normally expected. Besides, the real estate prices depend from country to country. In other words, your new company should help you sell your old house for a good price. And if you still do not have enough money to buy a new one, they should settle the difference.

a women holding a house figure on her palm and a man signing a contact
Your new employer should help you buy a new house

Negotiate a relocation package that includes the rent costs

Most likely, you won’t be able to find your dream house the day you relocate or even months after. In the meantime, you will spend a small fortune on rent. That is why it is important to include the rent money in your relocation package.

Visiting trips

Before finally settling in your new city, you will pay for at least a few visiting trips. The job interview, meeting your manager and colleagues, meeting your real estate agent are just some of the examples. Put all this on paper and remind your new boss about it if necessary.

Taking care of your family

Your family should be taken care of too. Just because they need you in your new firm, it doesn’t mean that your spouse should be left without a job. Or, your kids end up in not so good of a school. Your new employer could easily use their connections to find good opportunities for the rest of your family. 

Things that are not normally included in a standard relocation package but you could ask for

Your wellbeing is in every employer’s interest. However, cost-cutting is part of every successful business. Therefore, your new company will, most likely, offer you a standard relocation plan at first. That doesn’t mean that you can not negotiate some additional benefits like:

  • Moving coordination
  • Storage servicesstorage units Philadelphia are normally not included when arranging the relocation package.
  • Miscellaneous services– you could try to estimate all the additional costs you might have in the process.

Negotiate a relocation package- negotiation strategies

Your new company may take care of all your relocation needs. But just in case your relocation package doesn’t fulfill your expectations, you should have a back-up negotiation tactic ready.

two people negotiate relocation package
A good negotiation strategy can make a lot of difference

Be well informed

Being well informed is your best trump card. We live in a world of easily accessible information. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the intensive online search or to ask some of your colleagues. As long as you make sure to find all the necessary information. Ask about the usual relocation package. Once you know what to expect, it will be easier for you to negotiate.

Use valid arguments

When asking for anything “extra”, the key is to have a valid argument. For instance, you can calculate the estimated costs by yourself. That way you can prevent being convinced into different numbers. So, have all the arguments readily available. The person who is in charge of your relocation will be able to pass these on to their superiors. Every employee in a company needs to validate certain costs. If you do it for yourself you will help your future colleagues as well. And by the end of the day, you will help yourself too.

Convince your employer that your requests are in the company’s best interests

This is the technique that works every time. What is beneficial for you is beneficial for the company and vice versa. What is some additional money spent in comparison to a stress-free relocation? And therefore increased productivity of yours? The sooner your new house is to be found, the sooner you may start.

Finally, to negotiate a relocation package with success includes various factors. Don’t fall apart if everything doesn’t go exactly as expected. After all, you are shifting to a better job and that should be a reason enough to be contented. Also, you can make a backup plan or hire additional services on your own. Money well-spent is the money that is the easiest to earn again.

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