Cardboard vs plastic moving boxes -which is a better choice and why?

In case you are considering some cardboard vs plastic moving boxes, you have come to the perfect place to learn more about this. So, the issue with most people is that they do not consider professional moving supplies when moving. Even more, they often pack everything they can inside anything they can find. This is really wrong and it can severely impact your relocation. A good idea would be to ask some professionals about this one. So, you can contact some of the finest movers Havertown PA offers, and you can ask them. They will tell you the same as we did. In any case, you came here to learn which is a better moving option. Hope our guide will help you decide that!

Cardboard vs plastic moving boxes – main differences

The main difference when it comes to cardboard and plastic boxes is in the type of items you can place in them. However, this is not the only difference there is when it comes to this. For starters, here are some of the most distinct features:

A puppy inside a box
You can find cardboard boxes anywhere
  • Cardboard boxes are used for regular, mundane items. You should definitely not pack something you treasure a lot inside a cardboard box. The box can give in or it might crumble under the weight of another box and you might lose your items. It is good for packing some clothing, for starters, or books.
  • Plastic moving boxes can be recycled. If you are interested in a green/sustainable relocation, this will make you happy. You can recycle your plastic moving boxes. You can also recycle cardboard, but when we talk about a sustainable move, we think about plastic boxes. The best movers Langhorne PA offers use them a lot.
  • You can find cardboard boxes anywhere because they are not the best choice. It really does not matter if you are moving to Houston, Texas, or to Los Angeles, California – you can find cardboard boxes anywhere. When it comes to the plastic moving boxes, you will have to think a bit before you can find them.

So, which ones are better?

This depends on what you want to do with your relocation. If your goal is to move fine art, then you will use neither (instead, you will use specialized moving boxes for moving artwork). However, if it comes to a regular relocation, you should think about this in terms of safety. Plastic moving boxes are sturdier and you can load them more than cardboard boxes. Really good professional moving companies use them.

A woman using a plastic moving box
Plastic moving boxes are more reliable than cardboard ones

Overall, when it comes to the cardboard vs plastic moving boxes “fight”, the answer is not simple. In any case, you should think about what you are packing and how long the relocation will be. Even more, think about whether or not you will leave some items inside storage. For harder and longer types of relocation, sturdier boxes are the way to go. This also works for storing something – the sturdier, the better it will be. Hope our guide helped you at least a bit!

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