How to move your piano with ease

Are you planning to move soon, but you aren’t sure how to move your piano? It’s a bulky item that many of the soon-to-be movers dread and spend a lot of time thinking about. The truth is quite simple – all that you require for moving a piano is experience and expertise. While it’s not something that you can get in the store, there are many other alternatives that you can apply. Don’t worry, there are ways to successfully move your piano with ease! Superior Moving & Storage is more than happy to help you in the feat and provide all the necessary information. With us, your piano will arrive at the new location unscathed.  

piano in a room
Our movers are well trained and they will make moving a piano seem easy!

Move your piano by hiring a professional company

A piano is a very tricky item to transport. It has an unusual shape, it’s heavy and it usually can’t be disassembled. That’s why hiring piano movers Philadelphia is a good idea. Our movers are well trained and capable of tackling any kind of challenge. They have a lot of experience in the matter and can transport your piano from point A to point B without inconveniences. If you’re worried about your piano being on a fifth-floor – don’t. Our movers will treat your piano with the utmost care, carrying it slowly and transporting it to the desired location. When we’ve arrived, we can even place the piano right where you want it in the apartment. It’s the feat that’s impossible to do alone and risky to do with friends and non-professionals. Do you really want to risk your piano or getting injured?

Consider asking your friends for help

If you don’t have a complicated moving situation, then it’s okay to ask your friends for help with carrying. Make sure that the friends you asked for help are reliable and responsible. On the other hand, if your piano is several stories high and it seems like an intimidating task – it’s probably even more complicated than you realize. That’s when hiring professionals should come into play. Having the right people handle your piano is the key to it reaching the desired destination whole, undamaged, and without a scratch. When you’ve chosen your preferred method, secure the legs and corners of the piano with blankets, protective tape, and sponges, and get to work! Going slowly is the key. When getting to the new space, placing the piano in the perfect spot in the room can be challenging, so make sure that you and your friends have enough time to devote to the task. 

three men sitting at the table
Ask your friends to help you move a piano. Having the right people handle your piano is the key to it reaching the desired destination whole, undamaged, and without a scratch.

Be aware of the timeline

There are times when you shouldn’t plan your move at all – and you must have thought of that too. But what are those times? First and foremost, avoid moving during the weekends and Friday, especially if you are moving from Philadelphia to New York. It’s a popular route which can get very cluttered and you can spend hours in the traffic. Moving in the morning works best, and if you can arrange for your move to be in the first half of the day – that’s ideal. Furthermore, avoiding national holidays will make your life easier. The same goes for the end of the month, but it’s not as big of a reason not to move as national holidays can be. People are rushing to get presents, visiting their families, and usually take vacation days which means that more people will be out and about. 

Move your piano with high-quality materials

When moving your piano, you’ll want it to be as secure as possible. That may seem logical, but it’s shape and size present unique challenges, not to forget the weight! Getting high-quality materials is a must, and you can get them while you run your errands or you can get the packing supplies directly from us. It’s up to you – but make sure that the materials that you are getting are high-quality, lasting materials.

Many people secure the legs and the corners, without paying too much attention to the rest. To move your piano, you’ll need to maneuver with it at least a little bit. If you’re worried that it might get scratches during the process, you can always secure the whole piano with blankets and tape, including the legs, all of the sides, and pedals.

measuring before trying to move your piano
Measuring your piano’s dimensions, doorways, staircases, and hallways is necessary before trying to move your piano.

Don’t forget to measure 

Measuring your piano, doorways, staircases, and hallways will have to be part of your plan. Moving a piano is a tiresome process, but before you do anything else – it’s all in the planning. Think about the ways that you will bring it out of the room, where you may put it down so you and your friends can get some rest or switch. Maneuvring the piano can be tricky, so make sure that you’ve measured very precisely. You may want to invest in some protection for the floors or nearby corners. It’s also a good idea to try to push everything you can out of the way, but we know that it’s not always possible.

What to check when you want to move your piano:

  • Piano dimensions
  • Doorways
  • Hallway width
  • Staircase width and the angles at the corners – it’s usually the hardest part to move your piano there.

Get a free quote

If you’re still unsure about how to move your piano, consider getting in touch with us or getting a free quote. You don’t have to make any kind of commitment. Knowing which options are available to you is always a good tactic, so make sure to use the free quote that we offer. You can also give us a call and inquire about our piano moving process, our movers, and about our very reasonable prices. We’re more than happy to let you in on our process and the way we handle things. Contact us and see why we’re the right moving company to handle your move. Start life on the right foot!

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