Best Delaware suburbs for seniors

Retiring is something that almost every person experiences. After a long life or hard work and obligations, it is time to settle down and simply enjoy life. With that in mind, many people tend to search for new homes when they retire. The reasons for this are plenty, from being closer to family to changing the environment and lifestyle. Moreover, each person will have a different reason to move into a new home after retirement. However, finding a home in a location that will suit you the most is very important. Because of that, we talk about Delaware suburbs for seniors and places to consider moving to when in retirement. More importantly, after you find your ideal location to move to, consider hiring Superior Moving & Storage to help you relocate your items. After a long life of working, it is time you let someone else do the work for you.

Best Delaware suburbs for seniors

It is probably accurate that you spent the majority of your life in the bustling city, chasing your career, chasing money and people. This sort of lifestyle is pretty exhausting and is not very healthy for us. However, after retirement, people tend to look for a different angle at which they want to approach life. Due to the large portion of spare time, people who retire want to spend it doing something they love or something different.

a large house with a lawn in the suburbs
Whether you want to downsize your home or move into a bigger home in the countryside, Delaware has what you need

Because retirement usually sparks a change of lifestyle, seniors need to ensure that they find exactly what they want. After spending the majority of life chasing things, this period of life is somewhat reserved for a peaceful lifestyle. The state of Delaware is nestled between Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. This allows its residents to be near big cities while choosing a more peaceful lifestyle.


The first suburb we are going to talk about is Greenville. This suburban area is a part of Philadelphia and is in New Castle County, Delaware. Moreover, there are around 2.500 people living in this densely suburban area, where the majority of the population is made of retirees and seniors. The median house value in the area is approximately $700.000. Furthermore, around half of the population is owning their homes, while the other half is renting them. Beautiful gardens, museums, and natural landscapes are what make Greenville a great place for seniors who wish to spend their days learning new things or engaging with their hobbies. Moreover, Greenville is considered a commuting community. This means that most people actually travel to other locations for work. Because of this, many seniors will surely find peace living in this area after they retire.


Welcome to Hockessin, a suburban area in Philadelphia that has nearly 14.000 residents living in it. Again, this suburb is in New Castle County, Delaware, and is one of the best places for a family lifestyle. Now, before you contact movers Delaware to relocate you, allow us to talk a little bit more about this area.

a person holding a senior by the hand
Hockessin has healthcare contracts that do not vary in price regardless of the healthcare service you might need

The median home value in Hockessin, one of the best Delaware suburbs for seniors, is at $440.000. Furthermore, the majority of the population is owning their homes. Often enough, when a suburban area is good for families it is usually good for retirees as well. It means that there are a plethora of different activities that you can enjoy. Furthermore, Hockessin is home to many senior care centers and offers great healthcare contracts for those that need it. More importantly, the healthcare free never changes regardless of the medical assistance you might need.

Delaware suburbs for seniors: Pike Creek

Pike Creek is another Philadelphia suburb that has around 7.700 residents living in it. However, Pike Creek is a dense rural suburb where over 80% of the population owns their home. The rural environment of the area makes it great for seniors that love spending their time in nature. Furthermore, it is a great place to enjoy hobbies like gardening, exploring nature, herding animals, etc. Furthermore, only a couple of miles away from Pike Creek, you can find a great golf course that you can enjoy. Around 12% of the total population of Pike Creeks are seniors from the ages of 55 and up. Due to its rural environment, Pike Creek presents a great place for your retirement, so you can enjoy a peaceful lifestyle in nature. If this is something you like, contact white glove movers Philadelphia to help relocate you with ease.


Do you love art and history? Furthermore, would you love to spend your retirement days in a closely-knit community that does not have a lot of people living in it? If so, Arden is the place for you. Officially, the village of Arden is a rural suburb that has only 400 residents. Furthermore, the majority of the residents are elderly people enjoying their retirement.

an elderly couple standing in nature in one of the best Delaware suburbs for seniors
Although only 160 acres, the majority of the Arden territory is nature

The median house value is $376.000. Moreover, the entire village (160 acres) is in the National Register of Historic Places. The history of the village, with residents that enjoy arts and nature, makes Arden a perfect community for seniors looking to devote their retirement to pursue their own dreams. Furthermore, life in this village allows you to express yourself. So, before you get in touch with last minute movers Philadelphia, know that the residents consider themselves as:

  • Free-spirited
  • A closely-knit community
  • Nature enthusiasts
  • Artistic
  • Ex-hippies

Most seniors want a change of lifestyle when moving and Delaware has a lot to offer

Each of the Delaware suburbs for seniors we were talking about offers something different to people who wish to move there. Furthermore, Delaware has very diverse communities in which you can find exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are looking to live in a small village and enjoy arts and nature or you want to live in the suburbs with families. Therefore, you can choose to be closer to your family, live in suburbs that offer great healthcare solutions, or enjoy life in the countryside, away from the bustling city. The best part? Regardless of your choice, due to the position of the state of Delaware, you will still be close to everything you might need.

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