What to Expect from Full Service Relocation Professionals

You need to relocate but you don’t have time? Or, you have a family and need to focus on them and not on carrying heavy boxes full of items? Still, you’re not really sure what to expect from full-service Relocation Professionals. When you’re looking for the best moving companies, you are most probably looking at their prices too. And full-service relocation may seem pricey. Well, let us explain what you will get, and you can decide if it’s worth it or not.

Not sure what to expect from full-service Relocation Professionals?

Many moving companies offer full-service relocation, but it can be confusing. This type of relocation means that you, as the owner, contact the relocation company and agree on the financial and possible specific conditions of relocation. Then it pretty much goes by the door-to-door principle. This means, you can relax and the moving team will do things for you.

Relax and let movers do all the heavy lifting

Full-service Relocation Professionals can handle the following services for you:

  • preparing things for transport.
  • packing things with quality packaging and packaging materials.
  • dismantling of furniture and bulky items.
  • loading your items into a van or truck.
  • transport of goods to the new address.
  • unloading and transfer to new premises.
  • furniture assembly etc.

Those are just some of the things they can help you with. And yes, for having the complete comfort of full-service relocation in, you pay a little more… But you avoid stress and even possible injury.

Why would you need full-service movers?

Why not make it easier for yourself? Simply hire professional movers and relax.  For starters, you will reduce stress. All you need is to trust us, and spend the day intended for moving in a more pleasant place, enjoying yourself. For example, you give us the key, and we move all the furniture from your apartment, office space to a new address. Of course, in this case, we will do all the necessary preparations for you. Packing is done according to your previously stated instructions. All items are protected with crackling foil and then placed in appropriate boxes intended for moving. The furniture is dismantled and protected so that it is not damaged in the process of moving.

Upon arrival at the new address, we offer you the opportunity to, according to your previously submitted instructions, enter and then install furniture in a new home. Also, there is a possibility that when entering the furniture and its positioning, you will be present and give instructions on the spot if you may feel safer that way. Don’t worry, that’s not the end. Your furniture will be assembled and placed in the appropriate places, and if you want, we can help you unpack the relocated items.

How to choose a full-service moving company?

Make sure you hire a moving company that has gained your trust. Also, it would be a good idea that behind this company is a long tradition and a significant number of satisfied users of this service. Based on that, we can make a summary of the benefits if you choose to move with us:

  1. All your valuables are safe in our hands
  2. Your furniture will be professionally dismantled and reassembled at the new address
  3. We do all the packaging for you
  4. Both the furniture and other valuables will be adequately protected and packaged
  5. We can move you in just one day


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