Useful furniture storage solutions you should consider

There will, at some point, come a time you might need storage space for your furniture. You could be decluttering your home to prepare it for sale, or you may need a space for your furniture in between house moves. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure – you want to make sure your furniture is safe and protected. You surely don’t need the additional expense of having to buy new furniture, or even worse – damaging an irreplaceable family heirloom. Check out some useful furniture storage solutions – they’ll come in handy once you start packing and organizing.

Ensuring you have the right tools is one of the key furniture storage solutions

First off, before you start anything, you need to make sure you have all the proper tools. You will probably have to disassemble some large pieces of furniture, fix what needs to be fixed, and finally put it all together again and make sure it’s all tightly screwed and safe. You will also need plenty of bubble wrap, duct tape, padding, etc.

Prepare your furniture for storage

No matter how long your furniture is going to stay in storage, you need to prepare it first. You don’t want to risk damaging anything. So, here’s what you should do:

Break it down – save space

A lot of furniture that you have in your home didn’t get there in one piece – most of it, if not all, can be disassembled and put back together.

  • Disassemble wooden furniture to reduce the possibility of damage. Remove all headboards, footboards, table legs, or anything else that is meant to be removed and reattached if needed.
  • Put any screws, nuts, bolts, locks, and keys in a Ziploc bag and tape the bag to the furniture. Note: do not tape it directly to the furniture. This will make it a lot more convenient later when you start putting it back together.
  • Remove the drawers and store them separately if possible.

Make everything spotless

A hand with pink rubber glove holding a yellow spray bottle
Disinfecting everything is a good start
  • Clean and wax wood furniture to provide extra moisture in case the storage unit isn’t climate-controlled.
  • Clean fabric sofas, chairs, and mattresses – this is to minimize the possibility of mold. Wipe them with an antibacterial cleaner – find one that is safe for fabrics. Allow plenty of time for the cleaners to dry completely before storing upholstered furniture in a storage unit.
  • Polish metal parts – brass, silver, or nickel to prevent oxidation in a non-climate-controlled storage unit. Store silverware in its original box, if possible.

Protect your furniture

  • To make sure your furniture is safe and protected from scratches or any other sort of damage, place padded covers or blankets over furniture. This will help protect your furniture during the move itself, as well as while it’s in the storage unit.
  • Wrap wood furniture and upholstered furniture with bubble wrap. Use tape to secure the wrap, making sure that the tape doesn’t adhere to the furniture (otherwise it might leave nasty glue marks). Apply double layers of plastic sheeting if the unit isn’t climate-controlled. The wrap also protects your furniture from wood-burrowing insects and rodents.
  • Moisture-proof the storage unit. In areas where fog is common, a moisture barrier is essential. It is recommended that you cover the floor of the storage unit with plastic sheeting.
  • Cover your furniture with extra padding to protect it from mold, mildew, or water stains.

Solutions for storing electronics

A desk with a flat screen monitor, keyboard, and a set of speakers
By protecting your electronics you save yourself from having to buy new items to replace the damaged ones

A scratched chair is still perfectly functional for its original purpose. However, this usually doesn’t apply to a scratched screen or a computer that was just slightly bumped. This is why you need to be extra careful with the electronics. Here are some electronics storage tips.

  • Store electronics in their original packaging.
  • Wrap cords in bubble wrap and store them with electronic devices in the original packaging. (In case you don’t have the original boxes, you can find suitable boxes right here.) Fill empty spaces in each box with foam peanuts (or bubble wrap) to provide a barrier between the electronic device and other stored items.
  • Keep electronics off the floor of the storage unit – guard it against moisture.

Fragile furniture storage solutions

Antique dresser - closeup image, keyhole
Take extra care of the antiques

It is recommended that you find a storage facility that offers climate control. If, however, the storage facility doesn’t offer climate control, you should probably avoid storing heirlooms and antique furniture there. When exposed to extreme temperatures, original stains, paints, and materials may deteriorate. It is best to keep collectibles, kitchen appliances, and TVs in their original packaging. After you carefully pack and wrap items with glass or mirror surfaces, it is advisable that you mark the box (e.g. with a large X sign) so that’s it is obvious it should be treated with extra care when moving and storing.

Putting it all away

Now that everything is ready to be stored, you need to think about the proper way to store your items. Are you good at Tetris? It’s a skill that might come in pretty handy at this point. You want to utilize the space as much as possible. By arranging items in the right order (and also paying attention not to place heavy objects on top of some fragile items) you can achieve this.

One of the most important furniture storage solutions is also to keep things easily accessible. For this to be achieved you need to make a plan on what goes in first. You want to put the larger, heavier objects in the back, so they should be stored and arranged first. Then, you want to put smaller objects in the front – those are the things you are most likely going to need at some point, so you need them to be easy to reach. This way, you will both save space and save yourself the trouble of sifting through piles of boxes only to recover that one little chair your kid has been asking for.

Have you started making plans yet? You will save a lot of time, energy, and money, just by making the right plan and sticking to it, so keep in mind these useful furniture storage solutions when you start planning everything.

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