Top family-friendly cities in New Jersey to explore

If you plan on moving with your family, maybe you would like to know the top family-friendly cities in New Jersey. There are various factors to consider when looking at how much a particular city is family-friendly. We are going to discuss all of this in this article as well as the importance of having a professional moving company such as Superior Moving & Storage when relocating to New Jersey. Let us begin by taking a look at the factors to consider when choosing a city for you and your family.

Important factors to consider when choosing a city

Proper research is needed when you are looking for good family-friendly cities in New Jersey. You can look at different cities based on several key factors. These are the following:

  • Education. How are the schools rated and are there options for higher education?
  • Crime rates. One of the biggest worries that you may have is the safety of your potential city and neighborhood.
  • Cost of living. Another extremely important factor to take into consideration is the cost of living in a particular city.
  • Family Amenities Grade. Access to parks, family activities, and cultural activities is crucial for a city to be ranked as family-friendly.
A man researching family-friendly cities in New Jersey.
When researching family-friendly cities in New Jersey, it is important to take some of the key factors that impact family life into consideration.

Family-friendly cities in New Jersey

We have discussed some of the factors that go into consideration when choosing a safe, family-friendly city. Now, let us go over the top cities for families that you can choose from in New Jersey. We are going to list them in no particular order.

Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton is a town in New Jersey, with a population of around 30.000. It is located in Mercer County and is considered to be one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Let us see why this is the case. The majority of residents in Princeton own their homes. This gives residents a dense suburban feel to the entire area. Another important thing that makes Princeton a great place to raise a family is the high ranking of its schools. Princeton University, one of the world’s most prominent research universities. Of course, there are a number of family amenities to choose from. The area has parks, restaurants, and lots of coffee shops. All of this and much more is the reason why choosing Princeton NJ for your new town is a great option. If you consider moving here, make sure that you hire reliable and professional movers Princeton NJ.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Cherry Hill is a suburb of Philadelphia with a population of around 70.000 residents. The biggest pro of living in Cherry Hill is that it is not only a family-friendly area but also has something for everyone. There are a number of museums that everyone, including your children, is going to enjoy. You can find a variety of outdoor activities to enjoy. Schools are excellent and the location is great for commuters. The place is not far from NYC and Atlantic City. Job opportunities are plentiful in this area. Another important factor that makes this place great for living with your family is a low crime rating. Cherry Hill was ranked 2 years ago among the top 50 small cities in America by Money Magazine. If you are ready to move here, contact local movers Cherry Hill NJ.

A neighborhood.
Quiet and peaceful neighborhoods are what makes a town great for family life.

Upper Montclair, New Jersey

If you are looking for a truly family-friendly experience, Upper Montclair is the place for you! A great place for education and classic family life. The city is very progressive and offers a ton of family activities to choose from. However, this does come at a cost. The taxes and the cost of living are slightly higher. On the other hand, multiple downtowns, art museum, beautiful parks, and a great school system makes this place great for family life and well worth the money. 

Plan your move to New Jersey

You have done your research and chosen the best place for your family. However, this is only the beginning of your relocation process. You have to create a good plan for your move. The plan for your move needs to contain all of the important factors into consideration when moving such as:

  • The budget for your move.
  • The cost of your relocation.
  • Size of your inventory.
  • The exact date of your move.

With all of this on your mind, it is the perfect time to contact professional movers and start organizing your New Jersey relocation.

Planning the move.
Creating a solid plan for the move is important if you want it to go as smoothly as possible.

Hiring a professional moving company

The process of moving can be extremely complicated and challenging. You have to ensure that you are doing everything right in order to avoid complications. With good movers by your side, you are making sure that everything goes according to your plan. So, when you hire professional movers, not only do you get a number of moving-related services at good prices, you also get extra security and confidence.  Always choose reliable movers that offer excellent moving services at affordable prices when moving with your family.

In conclusion

To sum up, according to our research, Princeton, Cherry Hill, and Upper Montclair are the top family-friendly cities in New Jersey. However, it is important to do your own research. Hop online and see what the residents are saying about the cost of living, lifestyle, and family life in these areas. Once you have made up your mind, be sure to hire a professional moving company that offers a multitude of services and will assist you throughout your process of relocation to New Jersey.

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