Tips for saving money when moving

Moving can be an expensive process but saving money when moving is still possible with a little bit of organization. This is why we are here to help you with some ideas on how you can avoid spending more than necessary. Our first tip would be to contact a reliable moving company for help. We will explain this advice further in the following text.

Is saving money when moving possible?

Of course! You can very easily save money but it will take time and some very good organization. When you organize a move, the first step you take is hiring the Superior Moving & Storage to provide you with certain services. So, since we mentioned that, we will start with how can hiring a good moving company actually be cheaper than moving by yourself.

Hiring movers is cheaper than moving by yourself

Look at it his way. If you choose to move by yourself, you will end up having countless complicated situations that may or may not be able to get through. Professional movers have the experience, training, and all the information needed to avoid such situations and move your belongings without any problems whatsoever.  Besides this, they provide various services that you might need. Something like storage services that people tend to need when they decide to move. Also, depending on where you are moving, you could end up paying a lot of money for gas, renting trucks, and much more. By hiring a company, you are hiring people to do everything for you and for a lot less cash than you would spend moving by yourself.


Another way to save money when moving is through packing. Unless you have some items that require special care, you can easily pack yourself. All you need to do is start on time and make a plan for when will you pack what. Clothes are the easy part. Preparing furniture for packing is not science, you just need to protect it with padding foam, thick materials, and similar things that will prevent any damage during the move. Still, by hiring good movers, you can be sure that your belongings will get the best possible care, and be safely transferred to your new home.

Packing-saving money when you move
Packing yourself instead of paying for packing services is great for saving money when you move.

Getting rid of things you do not need

If you have any belongings that you do not want to storage because you do not need them now, and you never will then donate them. Having fewer items to move means having to pay less for the transfer. You can also give them to someone you think will like them, maybe a friend, or a family member. Still, you have another option and that is to sell what you do not need. Not only will you save money but you can earn money too!

Saving money when moving means you must choose when you move

You must choose the right time for a move. This means moving during the winter if possible, in the middle of the week, preferably on a working day and even in the middle of the month. Moving prices tend to be higher during the summer, more people move then because of the nice weather. Whatever time you choose, try to catch a moment when fewer people are moving because that tends to lower the prices of moving companies and every dollar counts.

Special deal
By choosing the right time for a move, you might end up catching a good deal on the moving prices.

Be well informed

Before you even make a deal with your moving company, you must ask them all the questions that you have. Being well informed about all the possible fees, regular and extra is crucial because then you will know exactly how much money you will be spending on movers. Knowing this will give you time and space to organize the rest of the move too.

Use moving boxes properly

You can find moving boxes instead of buying them. Ask your friends if they perhaps have some in storage that they do not need. When you find your boxes, use the space wisely. You can put smaller items inside of big ones and then use even fewer boxes than you thought you needed. This is to make things easier and cheaper. Especially if you are unable to find free boxes so you must buy them. Nevertheless, even if you do have to buy packing supplies, you can get a good deal on them.

Is all of this really saving money when moving?

Yes, yes it is. It does not seem like much, but when you put it all together, you will see that a great deal of money will be saved just because of the simple yet important little things. Take a pen and paper, write down the price of the move without all of these things, and then write down the price you will be paying if you use our advice. You will have proof that these tips are very helpful and will save you the money you can later use for some more important things. Now you can graduate from our money-saving school:

  1. Hiring movers is saving money when moving.
  2. Pack yourself.
  3. Give away what you do not need.
  4. Choose the right time.
  5. Inform yourself.
  6. Use boxes properly.
A short answer, yes! All of this can save you money!

See, saving money when moving is possible!

Now that we have told you everything we thought of, you can start planning and organizing your move. This does not mean that our tips are the only tips for saving money when moving. Maybe we gave you the inspiration to come up with your own. Either way, we are sure you will be able to organize yourself and everything else absolutely perfectly. Follow our lead and then see along the way if you can come up with new ideas. Just because moves can be expensive does not mean they have to be. Let us repeat and emphasize once more. Start planning early and that will give you enough time to organize every little detail regarding the move. Anything last minute can be expensive and that is what we want to avoid. Anyway, we wish you good luck!

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