Most popular places in New Jersey for sports fans

Whether you are moving to NJ, or you already live there, you probably know that NJ is a great place for sports fans. If you are one of those people who enjoy sports, either playing or spectating, we got something for you. Check out the list of the best places in New Jersey for sports fans. 

football players in a game
There are many great places in New Jersey for sports fans. Read below what you can see live in NJ

If you are moving to NJ 

Before you start daydreaming about watching your favorite team win in some of the best NJ venues and stadiums, it’s time to think about the move. Not the funnest process in the world, but if you organize everything in advance, you’ll be unpacking sports gear in your new place in no time. What you can do to make things easier is to get help. Search Superior Moving and Storage for professional movers in Philadelphia to help you get through the process a little easier and less stressful.

Bonus advice: If you are in a rush and have to move quickly, don’t be anxious. Conduct research and book last minute movers philadelphia if you couldn’t schedule the move in advance for any reason.

Best places in New Jersey for sports fans

Places to watch sport events

Prudential Center in Newark

Known as one of the best arenas in New Jersey. Home to the NJ Devils offers more than just fabulous hockey. You can watch basketball, MMA, soccer, and boxing there too. Prudential Center also hosts various events besides sport-related ones. The capacity is not on the larger side, so the games are often sold out, which offers a tremendous experience for hard-core sports fans. Hockey fan tip: get as close as possible to the ice, people say it’s life-changing.

MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford

Loved by New Jersey and New York residents equally, this massive stadium is home to two big NFL names – The Giants and The Jets. MetLife has a capacity of around 82,500 for football and soccer games, and it was a host of many national events such as the Superbowl and Wrestlemania. It is said that the place itself has amazing energy which every sports fan should experience at least once in life.  

Red Bull Arena, Harrison

This third biggest soccer stadium in the US is home to New York Bulls. The translucent roof provides great natural lighting for players and protects them from different weather conditions. The capacity is around 25,000 seats, and it hosts other sports besides soccer, such as lacrosse and rugby. There are also great music events held in this arena.

soccer venues like this in the photo are one of the favorite places for sports fans
NJ offers a variety of venues to see all of your favorite sports

Boardwalk Hall Arena

Located in Atlantic City this historic hall was built in 1929. It hosted numerous important events such as the first in-door national college football game in 1930. The residents take much pride in this great piece of history and mark it as a must-see attraction. It is one of the most popular places in New Jersey for sports fans. Besides in-door football, Boardwalk Hall Arena hosts boxing matches, hockey games, and a variety of musical events. 

Fun fact: This is the place where legendary Mike Tyson knocked out Michael Spinks in 91 seconds.

Sports bars in New Jersey

If you are someone who prefers watching games on a large flat screen while having a drink in a bar, we got some great news for you. New Jersey has a variety of sports bars for like-minded people, where you can enjoy games just as you like. The atmosphere during a game in a bar is one of a kind. Strangers become friends, and friends become family, as you go through an emotional rollercoaster of a game together. Something you would want to experience as a sports fan.

  • Some of the best places in New Jersey for sports fans, according to the fans themselves are Joey Mcbride’s Pub, Woodland Park;
  • Nugent’s Tavern Irish Pub & Grill, Elizabeth 
  • Vinnie’s All-Star Bar & Grill, Harrison 
  • ReBAR & Kitchen, Lodi

These places are told to have great snacks and food, a nice selection of beers and whiskey, and an insane amount of flat screens to watch your favorite games. Whether you find game tickets pricey, or you just prefer watching on screen, sports bars in NJ are something to keep an eye on.

If you are a player

Moving to NJ and you are not sure where can you continue playing sports you love? Don’t worry, NJ offers a lot of sports venues for professional and recreational players. 

Pro tip: if you are moving to NJ and you have a lot of sports equipment, try storage units philadelphia. Getting a storage unit can help you safely store your belongings without overloading your new place.

football ball on the field
Having a storage unit to keep your sports equipment can help you avoid cluttering your new home

The Branchburg Sports Complex, Branchburg

This is a great place for playing sports on any level. It has a large space with a total of 78,000 square feet. Besides numerous sports, there are also spaces for laser tag, a maze, and an arcade. Sounds like having a lot of fun while keeping in shape, which is great for everyone, especially for kids and their parents. On the other hand, the Complex offers great conditions for professional sports players.

Turf City Indoor Sports Centre, Wayne

Perfect for soccer and football players. It often has organized adult leagues for soccer and flag football for both men’s and women’s teams. There’s also an open invitation for young soccer players to compete with their own teams and leagues. It includes training facilities so you don’t have to switch locations and travel somewhere else for training.

Floyd Hall Arena, Little Falls 

Great for inspiring kids of all ages to get on the ice. They are offering skate classes and hockey lessons for kids, and there’s also a summer camp. Kids can have organized competitions there and the adults are also welcome to play in their own leagues.


Starting fresh in NJ can be very exciting for all of you sports lovers out there. Movings can also make you feel stressed out and nervous, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. If your friends and family are busy doing their own things, the best help can come through people who understand the struggle. Book apartment movers philadelphia and make your move a bit less of a hustle. 

Visiting some of the most popular places in New Jersey for sports fans can bring you closer to your new home, and help you make some new friends. You already have something great in common with people you are going to meet at sports events, so don’t be a stranger.



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