Items that kids can pack by themselves when relocating

No matter the distance, moving with kids can sometimes be quite a chore. First, there are practical steps, like packing and unpacking. These tasks can be very tiresome with small children running around the home and slowing you down. Then, there is the important fact that you have to explain to your kids what is going on. This emotional part of the move can easily be the most difficult hurdle. However, if you include your kids in the packing process, they can benefit in many ways. They will have a better understanding of the move, and they’ll feel responsible and in control. This will make the work easier for you and your movers North East MD. So, give them a few plastic containers, and let them help out. But, before you do, let’s go over the items your kids can pack by themselves when relocating.

Before you let your kids pack by themselves, prepare them for the move

It goes without saying that moving is a stressful experience for everyone involved. But kids can take it especially hard because they can’t understand what’s happening quite like adults. The best way to ease their stress is to keep them in the loop at all times. Have a talk with your kids, and explain why you’re moving, how fast it’s going to unfold, and what they can expect from it. Also, it is a great idea to get them excited about the process by showing them the new home and neighborhood. This way, they’ll feel more at home once your movers Elkton MD finish their work. This way, they will be much more relaxed and excited about moving, rather than dreading the process altogether.

color pencils as one of the things kids can pack by themselves when relocating
Toys are the perfect thing for your kids to pack on their own

Another great way to ease their mind about moving and packing is adding fun to the process. Simple things like customizing their boxes with craft supplies can be a huge morale booster. Take them to a supply store and stock up on fun items like stickers, glitter, colorful tapes, and sharpie markers. Allow them to draw on their boxes and make their own packing list. Lastly, when you go to the headquarters of the moving companies Maryland you’ve hired, take them with you! It will be fun for them to see all of the trucks and equipment they’ll be working with throughout the moving process. If you turn moving and packing into a creative and fun process, your kids will be much more accepting of it rather than a scary chore.

Toys are the perfect things your kids can pack by themselves when relocating

Nobody knows quite how many toys there are in the house better than your kids. So, if you’re looking for something that your kids can pack by themselves when relocating, this is the perfect opportunity. Simply hand them a few packing supplies and let them loose through the house. The important thing to note is that kids can grow very attached to their favorite toys. One of the main benefits of letting them pack by themselves is that they’ll know all of their toys will go with them. Showing your kids what is happening during a relocation is much better than explaining it. If you let them take care of their favorite items, you’ll save everyone a lot of trouble. You can, of course, help out if some of the toys are especially fragile. But allowing this type of freedom is a great confidence boost for the little ones.

mom and her son by the ocean
Patiently talk with your kids and explain why this relocation is important

Packing school supplies is a great way to teach responsibility

If you have older kids who are already going to school, letting them pack their study supplies can be beneficial in many ways. The packing process itself is pretty straightforward, and school supplies aren’t fragile for the most part. With that said, there’s hardly a chance for them to mess something up. But this can still be a great opportunity to give them a lesson on responsibility. Unlike toys, school supplies are more serious items that they need in their daily lives. Grab a few reusable moving boxes, and let them know that any damage will go out of their allowance. You can, once again, step in if something is truly expensive and fragile, but they should take care of the rest. Another bonus is the fact that school supplies don’t take up a lot of space. So, even if their packing isn’t perfect, it shouldn’t be a major issue.

Everyone needs an essential travel box

After you relocate, you will need a stash of supplies big enough to last you for a few days until you fully unpack. Also, you will need a small supply of items to last you for the duration of the road trip. This is called an essentials box, and everybody needs one. So, ask your kids which items they’d want to have with them while on the road, and then let them pack everything. They can grab their backpacks and fill them with their favorite toys, books, and a few snacks. Having this stash with them will help them stay calm and relocating with kids will be much smoother. Of course, they shouldn’t be in charge of the entire essentials box. It will contain items such as clothes, food, and medicine, so it should be packed by you for the most part.

young girl reading a book
Letting your kids control their packing process makes them feel mature and included

Besides packing, kids can also do a bit of decluttering themselves

Now that you know what your kids can pack by themselves when relocating, let’s discuss another important moving factor. Before Superior Moving & Storage arrives at your home, it is very important to go through the decluttering process as well. Downsizing your home before the move helps save up on packing supplies and the overall moving costs. At the same time, decluttering can be a great psychological exercise for your kids. Sit down with them and go through their belongings. Allow them to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Make sure to remind them that, if they pack less, they’ll have more room for new things. Through this, they will realize that this process isn’t a loss. Through this, they will learn not to become attached to material possessions, and develop a healthy coping mechanism.

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