How to properly pack electrical equipment

The moving day is arriving, and suddenly you realize you need to pack electrical equipment on top of everything else. Soon after, you become aware that the electrical equipment is actually the challenging part. But don’t worry, even done at the last moment, with a good organization, you can still complete the task successfully. Philadelphia moving companies can help you with this immensely. Reading tips and tricks on properly packing electrical equipment can be very helpful too. Here are a couple of our suggestions.

Find a reliable moving company and get the moving quotes

Before you even consider packing electrical equipment, you need to sort the organizational part of everything. You won’t be able to decide on how or when to move your electrical equipment without this. Hiring a trustworthy moving company should be among your first steps. Start with a search for a few renowned companies and then compare their reviews. Don’t forget to get a couple of free moving estimates after that too. Study the data, and finally, make the final decision. Working with movers Havertown PA will provide you with the needed reassurance and information for your relocation. So, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you have. This way, you will get a clearer idea of your altogether move first, and then about the packing process itself. 

a person doing an online research
Search for a reliable moving company that can pack electrical equipment for you and safely move them

A list of the priority electronics to pack

Once you have decided on your moving company and the moving costs limits, you can make a detailed list of all your electrical items. Such a list can help you regulate and prioritize packing. This list should be well organized and divided into categories such as:

  • Electrical equipment that has the highest priority packing and moving– the items that should be relocated first.
  • Electrical items that are too sensitive for regular transportation services -the job for the specialty services Philadelphia.
  • The equipment that is suitable for storage- the items that are important but not urgent to move.
  • The bulky equipment– the equipment that is too big but doesn’t have such a great value, should be packed last. And if you turn out to be short of space, these are the items to be left behind.
  • The equipment that is either cheap or easily replaceable– has the least priority packing and relocating.

Of course, this list can look much different according to your own needs and preferences. Take the freedom to write down your own.

Make a workstation for packing electrical equipment

Every craft is much more successful with a workstation. We can consider packing a craft too. So, choose the best spot in a room with enough space and light, and you will instantly get ready for the job. If you get rid of all the unnecessary clutter before you begin, you will get some extra capacity and motivation. Besides, once you dispose of all the items that you don’t need, it is much easier to recognize and pack the useful ones. Set the ambient to your liking and try to have some fun in the process.

Disassemble the equipment before packing

It is much easier and safer to pack and relocate the equipment when disassembled. Try to find the disassembling instructions among your papers or online. If unsure how to do it, you can hire professionals to help you. But don’t pack your electrical equipment in one piece. They can easily get damaged that way.

electrical equipment
Disassembled equipment takes less space and can be better protected during packing

Take photos of everything

Do not rely on your memory if planning to pack electrical equipment. This same equipment has to be assembled and arranged in your home or office again after the move is completed. Taking pictures can save your day at this stage. Especially, when dealing with the tiniest pieces and parts. Movers Langhorne PA would approve of this idea.

The packing strategy

A smart packing strategy can make all the difference. Not only your packaging will turn out better and safer if you plan your packing well, but this can also save you a lot of time. Besides this, try not to do everything alone. Invite some friends or family to help or get professional assistance. Even if they don’t know anything about packing, they can keep you company or write the labels.

Unplug everything before packing electrical equipment

Your movers will be more than happy to help you with packing and relocation, but they are not authorized to unplug your electrical appliances. So before you invite them, unplug everything. You should do the same even if you are the one doing the packing. Let the equipment cool off for a couple of hours for everybody’s safety. If unsure about the particular components, consult the electricians.

an engineer unplugging a device
Hire an engineer or electrician to safely unplug your devices

The smallest items first

The items that are small in size or easy to lose have the priority packing. These items are often the most expensive too. It is advisable, therefore, to start with these. After the valuable petite items are safely put aside, you can proceed with the larger pieces. And if you are too busy for all this, hire some of the expert packing services Philadelphia to help you. This will ensure the best packing for the least amount of your time invested.

Cables need special care

You may think that the cables are the easiest part, but keep in mind how easily they get tangled. So separate them as soon as plugged out. Preferably put some kind of markers on the ends. Use different colors for easier recognition and matching. If you have preserved the original boxes, use these for packing. The same goes for the rest of your electrical equipment. If not, use only the highest quality supplies.

Labeling is a must when packing electrical equipment

Correct labeling only takes a few minutes of your time after packing electrical equipment, but it can save hours during unpacking. This can be a job for the youngest members of your family or your friends that have no experience packing. Get some colorful pens and sticky notes, and this can even be the fun part. As long as there are some recognizable signs on boxes, it is much better than no mark at all.

Properly packing the electrical equipment is a complicated and time-consuming task. But following these simple guidelines can make a lot of difference. And remember, when dealing with electronics hiring professionals is always the safer choice.

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