How to load a moving truck?

Choosing to move by yourself certainly means that you will have to load a moving truck by yourself as well. No matter if you are moving long-distance or locally, you just need to make sure you know how to do this part of your relocation right. Choosing professional movers, like Superior Moving & Storage is the best thing you can do and this means that if you do it, you will have a stress-free relocation. But, choosing to simply learn how to move your belongings on your own is not something that will take a lot of your time. And if you do learn to do it right, you can do a great job, and spend as little money as possible. You will have nothing to worry about this way.

Why should you try to do this by yourself?

DIY relocations are not something you hear about every day. Most people that have to move simply choose some of the moving services that you can see on the mover’s websites. You can simply contact a moving company, and have them take care of the entire relocation for you and your family. No matter how small or how large a relocation is, professional movers can do it. A small apartment or a large, four-bedroom house, you will find a company that can do it for you. But, on the other hand, if you are moving a large home, DIY might not be the best idea. You will have to go back too many times to collect your belongings. But, if you are moving a small home, you can surely do it on your own. Just learn how to load a moving truck.

a house
If your house is large, you might need professional moving assistance

How do you do a great job when it comes to ways to load a moving truck?

It’s not just about putting your belongings inside of a moving truck and closing the door. Especially if you are getting a long-distance relocation. The thing is, you have to pack the items the right way, place them in the right spot, use some tape and moving straps, and once you are done, you can have a great relocation. So, here is what you need to do:

  • Find out how big of a moving truck you need
  • Make sure you get the most affordable one
  • Get the right packing supplies and pack everything
  • Label every single box
  • Place everything inside of your moving truck and remember the packing rules!

This way, you can be sure that everything is ready to be relocated without any damage, and you will do an amazing job this way.

How big of a moving truck do you need?

Once you decide that you need to relocate, you should start looking for a moving truck as well. It’s the only way to make sure that you have enough space to pack all of your belongings, without having to come back and pack once more, or even more time than that. Take a good look at your belongings and make sure you get the idea of the size of a truck that can fit all of those things. Of course, when it comes to large houses, it’s almost impossible to move it all in one trip. But, you should make sure you do as few trips as possible, so the costs of relocation stay as low as possible.

Make sure you know how large should the moving truck be fro your relocation

Find an affordable truck

Once you get the idea of the size of the truck you will be looking for, make sure you check as many of them as possible. This way, you can be sure that your relocation won’t cost too much. If you still choose a moving service instead of just a moving truck, choose the best ones. Make sure that they are insured and bonded. You can use the BBB to get all the info. This way, you can truly make the right decision.

Get the packing supplies and pack

Now that you got your moving truck, you need to pack your belongings. For many, this is the worst part of every relocation. But, you can simply get a packing service, and get your things packed in no time. Get everything, different sizes of moving boxes, duct tape, markers, bags, packing papers, packing peanuts, and so on. This way, you can pack in no time.


Labeling is really important since if you do it right, you will save as much space as possible, but fragile items will be protected as well. This is why it’s truly a great choice.

You have to label every single box so you know where the fragile items are

Packing into a moving truck

Now that everything is labeled, you are ready to start packing. You have to know all the moving rules for this part. Here they are:

  • You need to be sure to put the heavy things first, like appliances, beds, closets, and so on. But, you need to keep the balance as well, so the truck doesn’t tilt on one side
  • Disassemble everything that you can and place it in the truck, then
  • Get the smaller items and place them inside
  • Fragile items need to be especially labeled. You need to be sure that you strap them so they can’t move
  • Tables, beds and other large items should be moved in the upright position

Once you are done, you should make sure that not a single thing can move around. This is the only way to be sure that everything will be moved from one place to another without any damage. If you are not sure if all of your items can fit inside of your moving truck, just leave them behind and collect them later on. This way, you can be sure that you will have a great relocation without damaged items. If you know the right ways to load a moving truck, you will have a great move.

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