How to get ready for moving to Narberth PA

Relocation is a big change in anybody’s’ life. And it’s normal to feel anxious and nervous. Changing environment, familiar faces and even a job can be really nerve-wracking. That’s why you should always hire professionals, such as Superior Moving & Storage. Once you got your relocation scheduled, let us help you with some tips. Here are some of our pro advice on how to get ready for moving to Narberth, PA.

What do you need to do to get ready for moving to Narberth, PA

If you want to really get ready for moving to Narberth, PA the first thing you need to do is make a good relocation plan. And trust us, preparations for moving should begin at least one month before the day of moving. You need to make a detailed plan on how and what you’re going to move. Don’t just rely on friends and relatives to help you with relocation, no matter how many of them “volunteer”. It’s just too much work without moving professionals… Especially if you move cross-country or abroad.

couple get ready for moving to Narberth, PA
Not sure how to get ready for moving to Narberth, PA? Let us help you put!

Get rid of unnecessary things

Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of everything you don’t need… Especially if you move abroad and need the help of long distance movers Philadelphia. The thing is: you cannot take everything with you. You can get rid of anything from old furniture and unused things to anything you didn’t need for at least 2 years, and it’s in the house. Because you really don’t need broken toys, all the little things you got as a gift over the years, and you didn’t like them. So simply throw things away, and get rid of things. It will make your relocation – and your life much easier.

Buy or get some moving supplies

In order for everything to go as it should, the most important things you need are moving boxes. As soon as you decide to move, you should start getting some moving supplies as well. If you are not sure how many and what sizes do you need, you can always ask your movers where to buy moving supplies. For example, for the wardrobe and bedding, the best are large boxes. You will also need adhesive tapes, newspapers, scissors, Styrofoam, old cloths, cardboard, sponges, vacuum foil, etc.

As soon as you decide to move, you should start getting some moving supplies as well.

Here’s a basic guide on how to pack

If you are not sure how to pack when you move to Narberth, PA, here’s a basic guide:

  • Place the plates in plastic bags, put cardboard between every two plates and arrange them in boxes upright, and not leid down.
  • Pack electronic devices in original boxes (if possible).
  • Back up all important data from the hard disk. Store installation CDs and DVDs in a safe place.
  • Pack heavy, larger items separately, and then place them together in one box. Do not pack the boxes with books all the way to the top, but halfway.
  • Put soft and lighter things in the upper half of the moving boxes.
  • Glue one paper on the packed box and write the contents of the box on it.
  • Number the boxes in different colors, so that you can determine where the box goes in which room in the new house. Eg: living room can be yellow, the kitchen and pantry maybe red, a bedroom maybe green, etc.
  • Use a red marker to visibly mark boxes that contain something fragile.
  • Get or make stickers for the fragile label and stick them on the boxes on all sides.

Prepare things that you’ll need first

Prepare the things you will need in the first few days after the relocation and keep them on hand. Those can be personal documents: passport, ID card, birth certificate, health ID, etc. Keep on hand also contracts for the sale, purchase, exchange of an apartment or house, and your local movers Narberth PA. It will be great if you can keep with you receipts of paid invoices, medications you take regularly, programs from your computer, and back up files. With this, you’re surely going to need pajamas, wardrobe, socks, toiletries, clothes for about a week with maybe pet food and all other utensils.

Think about how you pack so you don’t break anything during transport.

Additional tips for packing

When you pack, you are usually in a hurry and tend not to think in advance. But you need to think about how you pack so you don’t break anything. For example, when you disconnect and unwind the cables of electrical devices. You should indicate what it belongs to and how it was connected to each one. Even better, take a photo.

Also, when moving the drawers, you have to empty them first. Therefore, put a sticker on each drawer and mark it with the corresponding element. You can connect several drawers and boards with adhesive tape to make them easier to carry when loading.

Draw a plan of your new place

Measure and plan the arrangement of furniture in a new home. You can easily draw a sketch of the layout so that the furniture can be put into the corresponding rooms. If you write on the boxes which room in the new house they go to, you will easily and quickly put things in the places where they were before. It is best to store as many boxes and things as possible in the basement or garage, in order to save time on the day of moving. We hope we helped you out with some of our advice. Good luck when moving to Narberth PA!

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