4 things to know before moving to Pennsylvania

Yet another relocation is in front of you. Hopefully, you’ll have enough time to organize everything and secure an easy transition. And once you are done with the preparation, you should sit down and check a few things about the area you are moving to. Therefore, we bring you a brief guide on things to know before moving to Pennsylvania. Let’s go!

Have you secured your relocation?

You will probably have to set aside at least 3 weeks to cover all the steps one relocation requires. The first step is to make a moving checklist to list down everything you must accomplish before your moving day. Then, you should inspect all your belongings and start forming a moving and packing plan. And lastly, you should contact your Philly movers to hire professional moving assistance. A local moving team is what you’ll need in this situation. Let moving experts take care of everything, safely and affordably.

Time to pack and move!

Do not worry, we haven’t forgotten the most annoying, tiresome, and time-consuming moving process. Yes, you guessed it, the packing process. Most likely you’ll have to spend a week on in. But to make packing easier, you should obtain all the necessary packing materials. Visit your nearest hardware store and fetch at least 20 cardboard moving boxes. Then, you will need a few more to finalize everything:

  • Wrapping paper – Wrap items individually to prevent them from colliding, from scratching, and bruising.
  • Cushion – Use blister packs, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, or anything else you find at your home. A good secondary solution is old t-shirts, blankets, sheets, rags, kitchen cloth, etc.
  • Packing tapeSeal your boxes tight and secure everything nicely. Use only higher quality tape to make sure your boxes won’t fall apart.
  • Labels – Whatever labeling system works out the best for you. Make sure to use one to label the content of the box.

But remember that you can avoid all headaches tied to the packing process. Check out your local movers Philadelphia and the packing services they offer. Let the professionals pack, unpack, and relocate in no time. It is the most affordable and time-saving solution out there.

All the things to know before moving to Pennsylvania.

You are done with the preparations and you are ready to relocate. Now, let us learn a bit more about PA. The very first thing we must say about PA, as locals call it, is that it is a National treasure. It is a place that will blow your mind once you realize the historic importance of it. The American Flag, The Liberty Bell, The Constitution! It all happened here and you can learn more about it at numerous museums dedicated to it.

American flag
PA is a place to learn more about US history. Become a part of it!

Although, if you are moving with children, we are sure you’ll have a blast. Maybe they won’t find museums amusing as you will. But they will surely appreciate all the great food and especially sweets available here. PA is called the Snack Capital of the United States and we are sure you’ll kids will appreciate it. Also, there is a popular Scrapple breakfast for the whole family, and many wineries for grown-ups to enjoy. But we will let you explore that one yourself while hummin the Rocky Balboa theme song. You won’t be able to get rid of it. Fun times await at the “step run” that will become a part of your daily workout for sure.

It is all about sports in PA.

Among the things to know before moving to Pennsylvania is that people say, once you come to PA, you will become a hardcore sports fan. Eagles, Steelers, Pirates, Phillies, Sheets, Wawa, you name it. It is at the very core of the environment and the people living here. You won’t be able to resist the cheerful spirit and all those talks about upcoming games. Therefore, if you have never been a hockey, baseball, or football fan, you’ll become one soon enough. But if you want to escape all the fuss about sports, take your family out for a movie in one of the numerous outdoor movie theaters. It is a state with the greatest number on the continent.

Among the things to know before moving to Pennsylvania is that sports are important.
Be ready to engage in the world of sports. It is important around here.

Oh yes, we almost forgot to mention the deer hunting and fishing. Both are extremely popular when the season comes. If it is something you are interested in, you will have an amazing time.

Nature is amazing.

Now, all those mountains, lakes, streams, and rivers, make wonderful scenery. On top of it, there are more than 120 state parks, forests, villages, and historic places. Basically, you’ll be able to fill in every weekend with something productive and fun to do. And what is important, you can do it all surrounded by nature. Although, you must know that PA is notoriously known for having all for seasons present at the same time. You can have a freezing winter in the morning and later during the day, a hot summer afternoon. It will definitely keep you alerts when it comes to clothing. But we must say that Autumns and Winters are graceful with all the natural wonders present. All in all, a lot of nature to gaze upon. Nature lovers will be extremely satisfied with all the pastures, farms, and forests in the area.

philadelphia park
Nature lovers will have a wonderful time here. Hundreds of parks for you to enjoy.

Lower cost of living is among the things to know before moving to Pennsylvania.

There is only one town in PA, called Bloomsburg. Everything else falls under a borough, city, township category. And next to one town, there is the smallest city in the US called Parker. And one of the things to know before moving to Pennsylvania is that cost of living is much more affordable compared to larger cities. A fine example is a national median that is around 215,000 while in PA is somewhere around 170.000. This means anyone can afford to move here and start anew. And if you haven’t decided already, make the first step. Plan accordingly and use moving services Philadelphia wisely. You can become a resident in a day if you wish so.

Infrastructure is in place and public transportation descent. Although, with one small detail. Everyone is complaining about those pesky potholes on the road. We are not sure what is that all about, but we know you’ll get used to maneuvering and dodging. We will blame the weather for that one.

This is the end of our journey with the things to know before moving to Pennsylvania. Hopefully, it was enough for you to make a wage picture of what awaits in this beautiful place. Good luck with your future endeavors.


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